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Oct 26, 2012

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39 thoughts on “Get in the van…

  1. Maxine McWho for not realising that Kevin’s coat tails were dragging in the mud. Get in the bandwagon.

    Vale Jasper Rudd. He will live on in these frames as all the lovably roguish variations of Kevinruddscat.

  2. The four major banks for not seeing the GFC coming, and still making shiteloads of money by re-screwing the mortgagees that they were ripping off in the first place. They should get an extra life sentence for screwing small business to the wall and stopping any growth by refusing credit for new business loans. Witchbank? WTF? all of them.

  3. Suddenly the world is a lesser place, as Jasper departs.
    Despite my ongoing support of the Powerfox in the Lodge, I can fully understand his desire to once again rub up against prime ministerial furnishings, lapping from crystal glasses, and spraying visiting Opposition members’ shoes.
    I trust his portrait will perpetually stand over the boardroom table at Arsehat Productions.
    Condolences to Kevin, Therese and family

  4. Favourite Jasper Rudd moments?

    His appearance as Mr Dr Jasperthecat performing the life-saving surgery on Kev’s aorta when he has to admonish Nurse Abby for bringing in eggplant instead of transplant. “Now STFU, I’m going in”

  5. Seconded, Drovers cat. But I feel certain that with FD, as our spirit medium, will channel Jasper from the Other Side with his wise counsel and warnings of the imminent Apocalypse..

  6. Agree with Drovers Cat on Jasper masterfully working the phones.

    And the 2009 makeover he gave Santa transforming him into a ‘not too old, nice and thin, g@y but not scary and with a tiny carbon footprint’ Bob Brown, “Let’s go hiking!”

  7. Dog I can understand your dilemma.
    Yes, Jasper living on as a spritual ‘political adviser’ would be a good approach …
    But here in the Lounge we are an understanding lot; whatever you ultimately decide will no doubt be received with the usual accolades.
    Meanwhile the Fairfax story was taken down pretty quick; perhaps respect for family – and no doubt Jasper was close family chez Rudd.

  8. All those well paid economists who didn’t see the GFC trundling down the road (like that “bowling ball” in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”)?
    That thought those signs were about “Georgia Fried Chicken”?

  9. Frame 12 “We have to be right some time” – that’s the whole game right there. Keep repeating the same lame, trite cliches and at some point in the next 10 trillion years you’ll be right.

    Is there room in the van for just about *all* the Noalition and its lackeys (I’m looking at you Limited News) for their predictions at the last election that the Labor/ Independents/ Green alliance would be the end of Australia as we knew it?