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Oct 24, 2012

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33 thoughts on “tony wat r u doin tony stahp

  1. Can’t it be both? The only other alternative is that the Rabbott is actually a deep cover mole (? clip-on ears), recruited while on his Rhode’s scholarship at Oxford (?to keep up with the Cambridge tradition)…OMG, he’s a Trot!

  2. Whilst I would hate to disagree with such an oracle as First Dog I believe there is a third option

    That is it is bot sleeze & stupdity afterall Abbott not only looks like a wing nut but behaves like one.

    If Alan Jones truely had a rural back ground he would call Abbott a “Harvester”

  3. Sheer brilliance, Mr Dog, I’m laughing out loud, the neighbours will be complaining any minute.

    And we know which one is the big girl’s blouse – although he seems determined to wear the hair shirt instead.

  4. His script writers are less than subtle, using trite and worn tea party slogans and it is starting to become that obvious , that mudroch cant print it in his rags. Lumpy`s China quip was pure Lardclacker. No one writes stuff like that anymore; except maybe our press gallery.

  5. I agree Holden. I think the ‘died of shame’ remark was stupidity because he had used that line about the govt before AJ’s infamous remark and there was no mileage in it given the radioactivity associated with same. But this latest effort, a reference to ‘experience’ in the area of babies. That is slime.

    Somehow the mixture of both is less appealing than either in isolation.

  6. Another classic FD, at this rate I’ll have a four walled FD covered computer room in no time at all.

    EMC – SMEGMA this is one to be put into common use for sure!!!

  7. I see the latest Morgan Gallup pPoll as it 50.5 to 49.5 in favour of the Govt.

    Misty Rabbit remains the govt’s best weapon until the quality of the govt’s performavnce seeps through into the electorate’s consciousness.

    I think now they have made their point I hope the govt moves onto a more policy based refution of the opposition and just let Misty shoot himself in the foot/mouth/tail

    As Misty only won his job by one vote & Slipper is no longer there a leadership spill would make interesting viewing.

  8. Sometimes I wonder whether the Rabbott is a remotely controlled robot (but only when I’ve got nothing better to think about) run on M$haft software – it would help explain some of the bizarre things he says.