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Oct 16, 2012

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22 thoughts on “A great Australian, a patriot, a friend, a cat

  1. The mood grows dark, cat owners are familiar with this dicey kidney situation.

    Recall the hallowed day during Budget Week 2010 when noble Jasper parked on Firsty’s lap. It was a greater honour than being knighted.

  2. He may be all these things, dog#1, but if he goes he will leave a gap in our political spectrum wider than the space where Cory Bernardi’s brain should be.
    Cat-to-cat you are in my thoughts, J.
    Cory’s in my litter tray.

  3. What’s Jasper doing in Joe Hockey’s bed?! I’d recognise that manchester anywhere.
    So sad to hear of the plucky little guy’s health troubles.
    Here’s hoping he returns to rude health in time for the next series of Kitchen Cabinet. “Just STFU and help with this can opener you curly bint!”

  4. The thought of Jasper peeing in Joe Hockey’s bed is *almost* enough make me smile. Alas, the thought of vale Jasper is just too sad.
    However, a Campbell Newman funded state funeral would be tonic for the soul.

  5. Oh fsck that’s good. FDOTY.

    “Jeffrey Bernard is unwell” has nothing on KRudd’s Cat is unwell.

    And channel 9 filing for bankruptcy has me laughing over my cornflakes too. What next? NewsLtd?

  6. Male cat flu; and they all think they are dying. I`ll send you some cement and you can cry into it. HTFU pussy. You cant handle it when the talk turns to big ones and who has the biggest; especially when the blood nut is winning over the doubters. I paid that tub of lard Jabba Oakes heaps, gave him & that Nein mob the inside scoop; and it looks like they pis$ed it against the wall. Where did we go wrong?

  7. Get Mike Kelly, he’s a vet.
    Not Mike Hunt, he specialises in rabbits.

    [w…..hich reminds me how did Overington – after her ode to “That Little Runt Greg” – take “those texts” last week?]

  8. Reminded me of Fur and Loathing (in CSI).

    [Someone gets dressed-up in cat suit, somene else dresses up as a dog – pretty soon they’re knee-deep in fur balls. And Cory Bernardi is unwell!]