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Aug 23, 2012

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78 thoughts on “Did I mention Juliar has been bullying the Mining Industry?

  1. Was Tony Abbott accusing BHP of misleading the markets? While Tony knows for sure that it’s all about the Carbon Tax, BHP is coming up with all these pathetic excuses about industry-wide cost pressures, weaker commodity prices, instability in the Eurozone and slowdown of growth in China.

    Good work. Tony Abbott mostly talks rubbish. He should be challenged whenever he does.

  2. This bloke gives Rhodes scholars a bad name.

    No wonder the trainers rarely let him off the leash to do ABC interviews. Expect even fewer after this risible effort.

  3. Well done First Dog.
    Truth is stranger than anything the stuttering scrotum can come up with; and its even better that a woman did it because he had that P Costello Jr smirk, as if it we an in joke with his mates. The smirk changed to the look in frame 2, (Oh Oh Have stacked my Daks), permanently, when he realised he had stacked his daks big time.

  4. Klewso, quite right. I had their EP record. We can only theorise on what prompted them to give Top of the Pops the flick, move to Oz and start a legal practice.

    This is a superb ‘toon, Firsty, frame #12 is a gem.

  5. if he can be so crass, here …… “keep that camera to my left a little. I shall lean my head this way a little so my ears don’t fall off the edge of the screen. A bit more, more ok ……”

  6. Slater and Gordon’s big hits were actually “A World Without a Carbon Tax” and “I Don’t Want To Your Mining Tax Again”.
    No wonder he only wants us to believe stuff he puts in writing – you certainly can’t take his verbal stuff seriously.

  7. The great follow-up to this is that he now claims he read the press release at 3.45pm yesterday. But he said he hadn’t when asked 6 hours later. Sales’s big mistake was not to get his answer in writing.

  8. Billy Hughes, same suburb, but with huuuge voice you couldnt miss, and the intellect to make you listen. even if you disagreed ……. Ol’ Habit/Wormtongue just has it not

  9. Now who is the big fibber?
    He says he read the report.
    Was that a core statement? Was is post scripted? That was an unfair yes or no question.
    He fibs so much he forgets his own name. He has to sing Happy Birthday to himself to remember it. “Happy Birthday to…”Tony…” yeah, that’s it. Tony.

  10. And I’m not sure “Knight in Rusty Armour” isn’t a more fitting theme song for him?

    “….. Every suit of armour ever made
    Has a kink
    Chain mail pants with a missing link”

  11. Remember when I asked you to make a mouse mat as big as a desk and call it a mouse towel ? Go Get ‘Em, Firsty. This one has “Walkies Award” written all over it.

    Is it true that Steve Fielding is giving his Rhodes back on the strength of Tone’s work last night ? Geez, how sad does the Silver Budgie feel ?

    I bet Leigh has one of those bloody giant prams parked in the ABC exec carpark.

  12. As to Phony Habit saying you can only trust what is written and that in the heat of the moment he might not get it right in a way that’s aunderstandable for an ordinary person.

    However as a senior political leader and possible ( probable PM) it is not acceptable.

    It means that he admits that he can’t handle pressure amd think quickly on his feet. This is totally unacceptable and goes far beyond just being dishonest

    I do not want a PM who cracks under pressure. Think of the consquences. This is not a matter of left v right but of capacity

    Our current PM has been under so much pressure that any more and she may well become a diamond and has certainly shown no sign of cracking.

    In the Sale interview I am of the opinion that Abbott had probably read the BHP document but did not want to admit it in the interview as it would have shown his Carbon Tax attack for the sham it is. A poor decision as it exposed him to ridicule

    With the kick back then he hurriedly claims he did read it again a poor decison that exposes his dishonesty or incompetence. Anyway under pressure Abbott made two p[oor decisions out two

    Pressure, Abbott s imply panics. As Basil Fawlty replied to Polly when she told him to stop panicking ” Of course I’m panicking what else is there to do”

    I suggest he consult Coproral Jones for advice.

  13. I was not surprised that Tony came across as a dopey b@stard, but he did prompt me to go looking for monumental gaffs of the past – this one from our second-greatest little PM (excluding Billy Hughes), Billy McMahon

    “I ask you to carefully consider the record of my government and vote Labor” was a rather unusual slip of the tongue for the LIBERAL leader, during election campaigning in 1972. Who was this man, who held the record for the longest career as a government minister (over 21 years)?

    He also said they would “Murder the Brutes” – i.e. the Labor Party – when Gough won by a landslide.

    Roll on Tone ! You’ve got a great heritage to uphold…..

  14. Thanks FD for immortalising the moment, the funnist thing is Tony may never see the gag. Just goes to show money can’t buy everything, or at least that the LNP sugardaddys haven’t got much for their money.

  15. Leigh Sales should be congratulated for exposing Tony Abbott as being ignorant of the topic in hand, having not even read the report, but nonetheless making stuff up to support the message he wanted to push. Too many journalists would have let him get away with it.

  16. Fredex, you got me worried there for a bit thinking how can I afford that much when I’m 90-odd.

    MJ – I have a plan Moriarty – buy a ton of the stuff now, store it in the cupboard under the stairs. It’ll be worth a fortune on eBay one day and I’ll be rich beyond my dreams.

    Anyone know how big a ton of this carbon stuff is? Will it fit on the back of the ute? Will I need a trailer?

  17. Fractious, I reckon you’re on to something here. Why has Lumpy Lardclacker (aka Joe H) been chatting to a Wall Street stockbroker pal? He could be planning to buy up carbon Big Time, somewhat like the Hunt Brothers did with the world’s silver in the 1970s. Is carbon the new silver…

  18. PADDY, DRMICK, ANDYBOB: Thanks guys for your kind regards.

    It was hard enough when I saw the Rabbott being done like a dinner by Leigh Sales; he only has to open his mouth to make me cringe. Then to be whipped back by FD’s too true to be funny ‘toon, had to be an extra strain on the errant hip-joint.

  19. Venisse A;
    Good to see your valued observations. Preparing for the next Olympics??

    Lizzie Murdoch’s McTaggart speech in Edinburgh overnight only confirms my view that the male gene pool that Keith bequethed his offspring is a aberration and doesn’t comply with normal human standards and is an afliction that seems to affect all the Murdoch male progeny

  20. Lizzie Murdoch took an axe, gave her brother forty wacks. When she saw what he had done, she gave her father forty-one (or something).

    Get well soon Venise & welcome back