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May 17, 2012

Solitary Forever, sings Hawkie

At Wednesday night's ACTU Congress dinner, former prime minister-cum-one-man-cover-band Bob Hawke gave a rousing rendition of Solidarity Forever.

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8 thoughts on “Solitary Forever, sings Hawkie

  1. “They have taken millions from us that they never toiled to earn…” Who? Macquarie Bank, which ran the dollar float, siphoned off compulsory super, and designed and implemented National Competition Policy–all Hawke-Keating policies–to leach Australia of its physical wealth? Or Lazard Carnegie Wylie, Keating’s investment bank for gobbling up state assets? Remember him, the man who told Thatcher’s bagman Alistair McAlpine, “I’m gonna tear the unions apart.” The workers’ heroes were the bankers’ tools.

  2. Simpler loyalties?!?
    I don’t think the people who were beaten, starved, even killed would think those loyalties were that simple. People throughout the middle east and China (for instance) are exercising solidarity to the bitter end, and I’m sure they’re not finding it simple.
    What is more simple is lining your pockets and furthering your career at the expense of your own society. More than ever, it’s now that we are now living in days of simple loyalties.