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Feb 21, 2012

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35 thoughts on “Private School Hit List? Australia says yes!

  1. Dunno about the politics of it but I do know about the nausea. When I see that my taxes contributed 70% of Geelong Grammar’s profit (profit? is there a dividend payout?), I feel sick, and it’s not with envy, it’s with injustice.

  2. Clearly the Hereditary Privilege Transmitronic 3000 is ready for an optional boater-powered barbecue function.

    Not just “poit”, but fzzzizzzz, squarp, pishazzz.

    Well done. with dead horse and mustard, please Firsty. Hold them onions.

  3. Where did our money go? The current crop of chinless special tie wearing hoorays on the right side of the dressage ring did not do any maths science or geography because they cant do a budget and distrust science and the certainty and accuracy it provides. No winners there. They obviously didn’t attend charm school; and it is equally obvious that any moral or ethical education regarding the truth or facts was blocked from their hearing by the extra finger.

  4. Holden, was that “The Schoolboy Privates Challenge” ? Don’t be fooled they can’t p1ss up the wall any higher than anyone else. It’s an illusion caused by the ludicrously long socks and boaters. I did a straw pole, sorry poll. Look it up under “I shat in the hat”.

  5. Serendipity, or synchronicity? I was just trying to decide on a recipe for tonight’s Instant Restaurant menu, and was thinking of a Frittata, but as we all know Public School Frittatas rarely turn out well (too many bad eggs). Once again, FD saves the day!

  6. All worthy suggestions, though School Captains tend to be a bit tough for Carpaccio. Slow-cooked Old Boy definitely has possibilities – served with a silver spoon, of course.

  7. Nice one, SBH ! What knees, must, I suppose.

    Stevo and Holden – Dux a l’orange ?

    DRMICK, the extra finger was a killer – at least you didn’t give the Hapsburgs any lip but the haemophiliacs are definitely in for black pudding……. cue the Monty Python fans …

  8. Plonk, if it helps, the working class has never heard of Crikey !

    I am the son of a staunch metal trade unionist. Thank Dog for Gough Whitlam making Uni free for a time – my ticket out of slavery.

    Question: is Beluga caviar as good as it’s cut out to be ?

  9. Plonk, Mike – bit of both ends, me. Grandparents boilermaker and small dairy farmer only ’cause their toff parents drank away the family fortunes. Scholarship boy me, to snotty school in the days before they were anything like today’s forcing houses for university entrance. If anyone tells you the rich are smarter than the rest, I have strong anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

    I’d have to be cooked for a very long time to be palatable these days but I am well-marinated.

  10. All this cooking business; I hear that at some private schools, they tenderise you sucking on different bits of you before they eat you. I must have been considered extremely tough because many attempts were made to tenderise my head for being a tyke at a public school; although I did enjoy other areas being “tenderised”.

  11. My paternal G’parents were poms of the worst calibre, fairly well off and unbelievably snobbish. When they came to visit, she sat in the back seat and waved good-bye like the queen FFS! Dad went for last two years, with the Manifolds, Baillieus, various princelings, etc. A very lonely time for him, I think..