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The chaff bag in the Tasman Sea podcast


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This week, Crikey’s Canberra Correspondent Bernard Keane and Crikey deputy editor Jason Whittaker talk about extremism in public debate; such as Republicans taking US to brink of default, wild claims about the carbon price, why Gillard gets so much abuse and the declining trust in media.

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    Posted Sunday, 31 July 2011 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    Interesting that, at the end of the podcast, Bernard suggested that the decline in political journalism had been happening over two decades. Bernard, what do you think about the impact (if any) of the decision in 1996 to broadcast Parliament and Question Time? Billy Snedden thought it would engage people more. Do you think it had the opposite effect because journos can now just make comments around 10 second grabs from debate?