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Jul 6, 2010

Boat people: this is what you are "anxious" about

This week refugees, boat people and population growth have hit the headlines again. But what are the boat people statistics compared to the rest of the Australian population?

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This week refugees, boat people and population growth have hit the headlines again. But what are the boat people statistics? See this fascinating infographic created by Robert Corr, with each unit representative of 2000 people.


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30 thoughts on “Boat people: this is what you are “anxious” about

  1. Snish

    Has anyone else noted that the media is a forum that is too easily manipulated to highlight events to the extent of sensationalized terror. We used to look at statistics and saw them as facts, we now see incredible stories of islamic occupation, outrageous queue jumping by well to do folks pretending to be desperate refugees fleeing from war torn and destitute countries, we see an invasion of needy human beings seeking a better life but ultimately sucking us dry of our precious resources, we see our own population, (originally mostly immigrants as well) as some sort of threatened deficit whilst this small intake of refugees as something equivalent to compound interest. This is all based in a deep seated fear perpetuated by sensational topic mongering. Australia used to be about a fair go, we were a gutsy friendly people who understood what it was to be the underdog. Now all we do is whine about how we THINK we are in danger, we used to be the lucky country because our attitude made it lucky, …mate, selfishness makes nothing lucky, it makes us stingy and miserable.

    Do you know that 100,000 Australians migrated to other countries permanently last year? It’s the great Australian exodus, google it friends, it’s easy to find. How is it that we don’t hear about the exodus in comparison to the intake?

    Now while we’re all busy adjusting our terror levels to the refugee issue, what’s the important stuff we should actually be terrified about that we are being distracted from?

  2. Shiro

    Stumbled across another graph on asylum seekers:

    It compares the number of boat arrivals in Australia with the number of unauthorised entries into other countries

  3. Em

    Have a look at this graphic here. It shows it against the natural increase in the Australian population. Apples and apples.

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