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May 21, 2010

The minister, the gay sauna and the Seven reporter

The Channel Seven newsroom has split this morning over the ethics of state political reporter Adam Walters' icky scoop exposing transport minister David Campbell's "double life" as a bisexual man.


The Channel Seven newsroom has split this morning over the ethics of state political reporter Adam Walters’ icky scoop exposing transport minister David Campbell’s “double life” as a bisexual man.

Campbell, whose wife is battling cancer, resigned immediately after Walters informed the government that Seven was running with the story last night. Apparently acting on a tip-off, Walters and producer Steve Barrett had tailed Campbell to the salubrious gay sauna Ken’s of Kensington on Tuesday, using a concealed camera to snag footage of him exiting the premises.

On Wednesday, Seven led its news with a Freedom of Information scoop on the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) report into the hold-up, but absent from the report was any reference to Campbell’s whereabouts. The minister’s private life had been an open secret in state government and media circles for years. So why did Walters decide to pull the trigger now?

On April 20 in state parliament, Campbell was repeatedly questioned by shadow roads minister Andrew Stoner over his movements on April 12 — specifically what he was doing between 11:40am, when the F3 truck smash occurred, and when the RTA’s ‘contra-flow system’ was finally activated later that evening.

Campbell joked and ducked the question: “As I’ve said, I have absolute confidence in the work that I was doing that day.”

A follow-up inquiry by former police commissioner Ken Moroney is likely to shed more light into the minister’s movements. But speculation is now swirling that Walters will reprise his yarn tonight, claiming Campbell may have been at Ken’s while 20,000 motorists sweated in their cars south of Gosford.

In a brief press conference held as Crikey went to press, Campbell said that while his decision to frequent Ken’s had hurt his family, there had been no impact on his professional life in parliament. On the night of the F3 debacle, Campbell said he was at his ministerial offices and his apartment in Potts Point, from where he conducted several media interviews. His office would release a statement with phone records proving his location later this afternoon.

In 2008, Walters famously endured a “short but bruising” stint as the state government’s most senior spin doctor in former premier Morris Iemma’s ‘strategy unit’, where his tryst with Reba Meagher began.

Walters later told the Daily Telegraph, which he would join months later as a staff reporter, that Iemma’s office was “a circus full of clowns” and that he was planning his departure from his first day in the job. The  ill-will began after his planned appointment as Iemma’s communication director was nixed when incumbent Glen Byers announced he would be staying on.

There is also a factional dimension. Walters lost his job in September 2008 after the strategy unit was disbanded under Iemma’s successor Nathan Rees. At the time, Campbell was part of a group of ministers, including Meagher, that had moved against Iemma. While his girlfriend stayed on, the former premier’s treachery had left Walters without a gig.

David Koch picked up on this obvious conflict this morning, producing this amazing exchange on Seven’s Sunrise:

Koch: “Yeah, Adam, he [Campbell] has led a double life. Let me play devil’s advocate here: yes, he should apologise to his family, there’s no doubt about that. But is it a hanging offence? People make mistakes … to be polite you were involved in a similar situation when you worked at state parliament …”

Walters: “Very briefly.”

Koch: “… with a minister and things like that. Private things happened. So, should they have to resign? Yes they’ve got a lot of explaining to do to their family, but shouldn’t it be left at that?”

Walters, who is paid $250,000 a year by Seven, has also been accused of attempting to protect his journalistic integrity by cloaking the headline-grabbing same-sex elements of the story in a sub-plot over Campbell’s use of a “ministerial vehicle”. But as premier Kristina Keneally remarked this morning, ministers routinely use their ministerial vehicles for private tasks, including picking up the kids from school.

Andrew Crook —

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

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209 thoughts on “The minister, the gay sauna and the Seven reporter

  1. Venise Alstergren

    LIZ: It is worse than a dangerous thing. It’s just that I can’t think of a better word. 🙁

  2. Liz45

    @TWOBOB – Where do you live? I live in the Illawarra! I’ve listened to news and current affairs etc in this area since I was 7 yrs old. David Campbell has been re-elected many many times! I think he will again! I’ve been on polling booths in the area, I left the ALP due to its arrogance. I don’t approve of the current NSW govt or David Campbell as its ??Minister for Transport, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t differentiate between gutter journalism and peoples’ basic human rights. If you can’t, that’s your right, but I disagree with you – I have nothing further to add, particularly if you just insist on being childish, sexist and stupid.
    There are people up north of me(40 mins car trip at the most) who are being evacuated (due to flooding)while I speak – I’m really not in the mood for this trivia now! I won’t be responding to you again!

    Hi Venise, thank you – again! And you’re right about Conroy – now he does scare me! A little bit of power is a dangerous thing????

  3. Venise Alstergren

    TWO BOB: If you had read any of my comments I made the point that to become a politician a candidate has to be elected. Also I said that as David Campbell is an established politician. Therefore I assume the electorate knew about his sex life and wisely thought it was none of their business.

    I take your point about Bob Brown and accept that you are not homophobic.

    You are entitled to be as obnoxious as you want about politicians’ sex lives.
    Just don’t be surprised there are so many people who disagree with you.

    It is silly for you to declare LIZ to be the thought police. Those bastards are gathering in the castle owned by Senator Conroy. Can’t you see their jaws quivering?

    When the internet filter bill is passed all of the above will ensure Australia returns to the bronze age.

    Your energies would be better directed towards this, the greatest enemy of Oz, And not LIZ

  4. twobob

    Hey liz Venice called me a twat first so na na.

    But seriously liz who made you the thought police? Who’s right is it to decide what information I can and cant have access to?
    This is simply a case of be up front and honest if your going to be a pollie. As I said before a homosexual man (Bob Brown) is my favourite politician so I assure you it is NOT homophobia.
    It is more about my right to be homophobicly judgemental with my elected officials if I want to be.

  5. Liz45

    TWOBOB – As has been said before. There are men and women who are gays, lesbians, bisexual etc who have families, some are or have been married – what’s the misleading aspect of DC’s life?Oh, he didn’t tell them he was gay – but he has been married for 30 yrs and has a family – has the right to be thought of as a family man. If you want to remove all politicians who’ve been unfaithful, in one way or another? thought perhaps? There’d be none left. Let’s just agree to disagree! We’re just going around in circles, and you’re being offensive.

    Your life is so squeaky clean it gives you the right to judge others? Wow! That must feel good. Why don’t you and JamesK and Michael start a club. ‘For the pure of thought and deed’? Gee, sounds like the jesuit who used to conduct our retreats when I was at a catholic school? We all know how ‘pure and thoughtful’ priests have been over the yrs – the damage they’ve caused goes on and on. Get on that bandwaggon!

  6. twobob

    And Venice your a bigger twat than me
    so there!

  7. twobob

    It appears as if some people here condone politicians who misrepresent themselves to a section of voters because the section being deceived are homophobic and are likely to change their vote.
    That is what this boils down to.
    Just wondering which other sections of society it is all right to deceive?
    Aboriginals, Muslims, other minorities, anyone at all?
    It is not fine to deceive people to get their vote, that IS what Campbell has done and if you think that’s ok you’re wrong.

  8. Elan

    You have to admit that 2B has guts. He could have just wandered off, but he’s prepared to stick his head up-just to provide some target practice.

    Credit where it’s due…

    After all, we do know that Crikey is the “Protectapol Fan Club”.

    One must preserve the leadership structure at all costs, mustn’t one?

  9. Venise Alstergren

    Could commentators please use “quotes” to indicate it’s someone else’s remarks?

  10. Venise Alstergren

    BOBX2 (do you have two?)

    It would appear you would want to get into the same bed as all of your politicians-just to see what turns them on sexually.

    As long as they’re not buggering children or f*uc*ing animals-in most cases this behaviour would have vetted by his electorate before he gets to state or federal governmental level.

    Did you notice that Andrew Cook said “The minister’s private life had been an open secret for years” ? Perhaps a lot of his constituents knew about his sex life and thought it to be none of their business.

    Until twats like you have the guts to put their full name-up to and including your own-on their posts your opinions are as worthless as the space they take up.

  11. Michael Wilbur-Ham (MWH)

    TWOBOB, some people might think that anyone who engages in oral s*x is doing an act against decency and God.

    Does this mean that every politician has a duty to make clear to the electorate this part of their sexual behavior?

  12. Venise Alstergren

    CHRIST! Is this still going on?

    ¡Hasta mañana despues el año que viene!

  13. Liz45

    TWOBOB – “Like it or lump it some people don’t want to be represented by a homosexual.” So, they’d submit that to the good judges if they came before the High Court would they? How far would they get with that? What part of the Constitution says that gays or lesbians shouldn’t stand for parlt or other public office(s)unless they fess up?

    I can’t believe you really think this. What’s your sexual preference? Did you have to submit this info prior to being accepted as a contributor? How about the person who serves you or me at the checkout? Perhaps I don’t want to be served by a misogynist? I should have that right shouldn’t I? Going by your logic, peoples’ private lives should be an open book? Perhaps because of the lousy and judgemental society of some people is the very reason why DC kept it private! Can’t say I blame him one bit! Amazing!

  14. twobob

    I dont get it.
    Why did Campbell resign?
    Was it because he misrepresented himself to his electorate? Would he have won his pre-selection if he had been honest about his sexuality? If so, would the people in his electorate have voted for him if he was?
    Like it or lump it some people don’t want to be represented by a homosexual. Those same people were misled and it is not ever going to be OK to do that to people.
    Simple as that.

  15. Liz45

    MWH – Indeed! Couldn’t have said it better.

    TWO BOB – The point is, that I don’t have a right to know – therefore he hasn’t deceived me! End of story! He resigned to protect the govt I’d suggest. I don’t think it was required. What part of none of our business don’t you understand? Gays, straights, bisexuals, lesbians and hetrosexuals are also family people.

  16. Michael Wilbur-Ham (MWH)


    As pointed out on Media Watch last night, Campbell has been with his wife and kids for over 30 years, and he is still with them. He is a family man. No deception.

    Now if you you insist that he inform the public about his sexual behavior, why should not this apply to everyone else, including those who comment on Crikey?

  17. twobob

    Liz45 your hypocrisy is breathtaking. I dont care how many times a media representative is able to procreate and I dont care who with. Bob Brown in my view is THE best politician in Australia and until his recent retirement Justice Kirby was our best Judge.
    Liz I’m no angel, I have a criminal history stretching back decades for the outrageous act of having cultivated and smoked Indian Hemp no less. And MY wife has children to 3 different fathers so I’m not very judgemental on that issue either. In this whole tirade I have been of the opinion that to deceive the electorate is what Campbell has done wrong.
    That he resigned is evidence enough.
    So here are some questions for you.
    Was Campbell being honest with his electorate?
    Should we expect our politicians to be honest with us?
    Do we as the public deserve to be told by the media when our politicians are not being honest with us.
    If you can answer Yes, No and No you NEED a reality check.

  18. Liz45

    2bob -Are you serious? David Campbell wasn’t “dishonest” to me – I had no right to be informed of his private life; his sexual orientation, whether his wife is/was ill; how many kids he has; or whether any or all family members did or didn’t know of his sexual preferences or bisexuality or? I don’t have a problem.

    How about you write us a resume of your life. Would you like a private investigator to follow you around; or a sleaze from the media? What family secret would you like to remain that way? YOu have every right! I want my representatives to work hard, not break any laws, and not to use my dollars for criminal purposes – none of which he did! He’s entitled to use that car like company car users do – the rule book says so! He may not have been prudent; he may have been naive? Any number of life decisions that he may regret, but that’s not a crime, nor does the public have the right to know!

    Bob Brown conducts his life safe in the knowledge that we all know he’s gay; Chief Justice Michael Kirby did too. Both of them have been in their gay relationships longer than a lot of marriages. I don’t know what you’re bellyaching about, unless you’re a homophobe! I’m not interested in hetrosexual affairs or trysts or unless they’re ‘doing it’ in the parliament? Even so, no crime if the sex is consensual!

    I think a bigger ‘crime’ is Adam Walters remaining a so-called journalistic keeper of public morals, when he can’t keep his own zip closed, and engages in irresponsible sex practices – 3 kids to 3 different mothers. He’s part of a media that judges the mothers, but in this patriarchal and sexist society doesn’t even believe that men like him are at fault! Peter Meakin, allegedly, almost knocking over 2 cops while trying to pass a RBT point is a bigger criminal than Campbell – with it recorded against his name. Both are hypocrits!

  19. twobob

    To all who are so pissed off with my comments.
    You support dishonesty in your elected officials because …

    Fabulous trait I say. That and cheating on your spouse, letting down your children and all. Terrific stuff in our elected officials. And the media not reporting it to us eh, three cheers for that too!
    Reality check anyone?

  20. Liz45

    ELAN – Oh I see now! I’m not as user ‘savvy’ as you are! It’s a good thing to know! Thank you!

  21. Liz45

    ELAN – Pardon my ignorance, but what’s with the business? Am I missing something? It’s annoying. I recall doing this during a Tafe course, when I put a site on the web, but why use it when you’re just communicating with people?

  22. Elan

    BtB, now that is really mean!

    Fancy being trapped in a room with the Barbie twins!!

    ……but I’ve no intention of not commenting…;)

    (Psssst!!! V, the bloke did include you in his comment. Enough with the puffed up bosoms already!)

  23. Venise Alstergren

    BOB T Bldr : How right you are. It’s pathetic to see a grown woman carrying on like a little child.

    I’ve no intention of not commentating, however I’ll not go on replying to her. Life is short, time moves as fast as the speed of light (poetic license) and I have an interesting life to lead.

    See you, in a metaphorial way.



  24. Bob the builder

    Liz45, Elan, Venise – get a room kids!

  25. Elan

    I know you are Venise. And I thank you for for your self effacing honesty.

    It makes a refreshing change.

  26. Elan

    Gawd Almighty! You are like that fairground game. You know the one- the thing pops up everywhere and you have to whack it on the head with a hammer!

    You should see me now. Ooohhhh! the smiling!, ooohhh the laughter!

    You know why?

    You’ve gone to bed.

  27. Liz45

    ELAN – Do you even know how to smile, let alone laugh? God! Don’t take yourself so seriously – truly! Go and have another lavender bath? You can buy lavender and put it in your pillow – makes for a restful night’s sleep!

    I’m off to bed! With the waterbed on warm! The best for a busted body!


  28. Elan

    Three posts. THREE. And you are telling me to calm down????

    You really don’t see it do you? You BOTH fail to see that you can be quite offensive. But you both get on your high horse if you get a response to that offensiveness.

    So you are in a nasty fight with three commenter’s? Doesn’t that suggest anything to you? No; not that I think that you are wrong. Don’t know. Don’t care. But that you express yourself in a way that offends others.

    I do that. I have to take what comes. BtB and I disagreed further up this thread. But the bloke put his opinion of me succinctly without all the girly indignance. I responded accordingly.

    I’ve put up with waffley long drawn out posts that didn’t make a lot of sense, and done my best to respond, but I’ve had it.

    I’ve now put up a substantial post to you about this sodding censorship. DON’T come at me with the ‘for your sake’ threat!!

    And I’m told to calm down!

    Today you and your twin Liz, have been putting out fires with kerosene. You get the inevitable response,-and cry foul!

    I’m fed up with the pair of you. You will go along with sweetness and light if you get a discussion forum with just the two of you.

    Otherwise accept the vagaries of discussion/disagreement.

    What a bloody waste of time this has been.

  29. Venise Alstergren

    PPS: I really do hope you haven’t been silly.

  30. Venise Alstergren

    PS: I hope, for your sake, you haven’t left an unpleasant post for me.

    For the past few days I’ve been embroiled in a nasty fight with three of the male commentators in Crikey. I sure as hell don’t need to take on anyone else.

  31. Venise Alstergren

    ELAN, give it a rest. Neither LIZ or I are after you. Just calm down and relax. All we do is leave the occasional bit of gossip in a thread.

    There’s nothing to stop you from joining in.


  32. Elan

    Try not to mimic Liz too much V. She suggested a lavender bath. You are starting to behave like conjoined twins.

    Lavender and pills won’t be strong enough for either of you!

    Have you and Liz been on the woojoo juice?

    (…em..,you were talking about not making gratuitous remarks-then you use ‘WTF’s the matter with you’-to me! So…I…referred… to…. hypocrisy)…..What is going on?


    Oh! And Venise?, you might want to save any further comments until after my ‘censored’!! post.

    There’s plenty there for you to chew on. Trust me.

  33. Venise Alstergren

    ELAN: I Use the WTF because it’s shorter than WHAT THE FU*CK, OR WHY THE FU*CK, OR EVEN WHERE THE F*CK does this, or that person think they are doing. You know me a lot bloody better than that to think I am a hypocrite.

    And, as a two finger typist I appreciate every opportunity I can get to prune my words down, I am referring to the length of my words posts-no I am not being patronising, ‘posts’ is shorter than comments. I am not referring to the length of the post.

    Now you produce the same old accusation to me, “Patronising-also you use the word shite. I say shit. There is nothing ambiguous about me.

    Enjoy a good sleep for Christ’s sake. Take a sleeping pill if necessary.

  34. Elan

    I’ll bet it’s the word c-e-n-s-o-r-s-h-i-p that gave the sensitive c-e-n-s-o-r the vapours! And held up my post.

  35. Elan

    “ELAN: I didn’t see your post about my statement re power and Censorship.”

    I know you didn’t, because otherwise I would have heard from you before now.

    “NOW Elan: Ask yourself who will really gain out of a public being reduced to the same level of knowledge as a child?

    The government of course. And, do you believe the coalition won’t take good care to leave the damned thing there.”

    Sheesh! It’s already too late! Talk about ‘reduced to the same level of knowledge as a child’. Your terminology here is the terminology of a child!! (incl of swear word!)

    Obviously censorship isn’t needed to start talking like a kid eh?

    We are supposed to be mature intelligent human-beings. I am getting sick to death of the pliable stretching of things I’ve said, to fit what you (and LIZ) think I said!

    You introduced the subject of censorship here; not me! I responded to such an outlandish statement….., and suddenly I want us all censored!

    Well I’ll tell ya! Censorship is part of our lives (NO! I DON’T mean-so ‘lie back and enjoy it’). We are stopped from doing many things we want to,-it is part of a daily fabric. It even occurs here on The Crik!

    Now: I’ll state an ambivalent opinion. WHY do we accept censorship in every damn part of our lives, yet are so against it in this medium?

    Note that. It exists everywhere. But let’s allow open slather online.

    Now the flip side. Who is to censor? Government. And their track record in freedom of expression is endemically and enduringly appalling.

    That’s the rub. I have no trouble with some censorship online;- but I am very concerned about the motives of Government–and what they choose to censor. It is a valid concern.

    (My turn for a long post I think).

    What you have done is make children the culprits in this endeavour;- is to make parents who are concerned about the easy availability of some vile content to their kids- power hungry despots!

    That is outrageous, and I said so.

    But OK. Let’s get to what you said in your above post V. You say you’ve met a few people who want censorship for their kids, when they don’t have any. Extraordinary people wouldn’t you say? Being prepared to make such a statement to you, knowing full well that you know that they haven’t got children!!

    OR:-you don’t know them very well, but they are prepared to tell you they are for ‘net censorship for kids they don’t have!

    As I said, extraordinary people!

    As to your rationale that just because parents (sans children or not), want censorship for these mythical children or simply want power,……this then extrapolates to the rest of us being treated like children. A quantum leap I think!

    The reverse of that could of course be, that because you dislike online monitoring (which is happening all the time),-then children will just have to wear the dangers??

    (That is a generalization I know, but it simply points out that ……..’indolent slobs’ (such a quaint turn of phrase, Venise) are in the eye of the beholder aren’t they?

    “Do you seriously believe that kids come rushing home from school just to look at porn? WTF’s the matter with you.
    It is people like you the government plays on.”

    You agree not to heave……what was it?? Yes. Right.

    Well I didn’t agree. So I can be insulting…………,unlike you….

    Don’t write such absurd bulls-h-i-t. It does not deserve a response, but will get one if you aim that at me again.

    You are against censorship (btw: I doubt VERY much that such will be a vote winner for Rudd). Stop being so offensive about parents and their concern for their children. This technology has brought potential pedophiles into the home. That is a concern for responsible parents-NOT indolent slobs-< they are the ones who don’t care.

    Target Government. Don’t be so highly offensive to parents.

  36. Elan

    Oh for Christ sake!

    OK Venise. We’ll talk tomorrow. Because without question as you can well see insults (NOT gratuitous), are really piling up here.

    …………..Just like the hypocrisy of the “WTF’s the matter with you”.

    Nah! Sod it. I’ll be back later. I’m now in the mood for a nice little chat! Patronising s-h-i-t-e needs prompt attention.

  37. Elan

    LIZ45: That’s enough. Quit behaving like a f-u-c-k-i-n-g bimbo. OK?

    Get yourself onto the bloody cooking sherry . DO SOMETHING.

    You referred to ‘are you serious or just fooling around’. I respond to that……….and away we go again!!

    David Campbell family– entitled to be defended.

    There you go- five lines. Howzat? …..Bizarre.

  38. JamesK

    @ISPY aka Donald E Marshall.

    Well done.

    Widely acknowledged as being the very worst of government in Australian history, Wise Don chooses to reward ineptness and indeed darkly cynical and willfully dishonest abuse of citizen and taxpayer trust by voting Labor again.

    Apparently Channel 7 is the reason for what we’re told is a sudden change of heart.

    Nice Kristina backpedals from describing Campbell’s dishonesty as ‘unforgivable’.

    The Coalition don’t put a foot wrong on the issue.

    You deserve all you get Donald E Marshall.

    You genius.

  39. Venise Alstergren

    ELAN: I didn’t see your post about my statement re power and Censorship.

    Actually I’ve met a few people who are into censorship ‘In the name of their kids’ who don’t, in fac, have children.

    As you well know this is a highly charged and political subject. And what better way to build a political position than censorship ‘in the name of our children’?

    Hell, Senator Conroy and Kevin Rudd are banking on this issue to stir up the electorate in time for the election. They haven’t got too much else going for them at the moment, and beginning to feel desperate.

    WTF has happened to all the parents? Proper behaviour of children should come from the home.

    The Rudd government has gone ahead with this ridiculous farce called censorship, not because children may be exposed to pornography-with each passing day the technology is becoming so rapid, and so advanced that by the time the bill is passed it will be child’s play (no pun intended) for any adult to do their own filtering. And adjust the filter so as to be relevant to their own particular children.

    Because there are a lot of indolent slobs out there, masquerading as intelligent human-beings the rest of us have to endure a form of censorship equalled only by the United Arab States, and China?

    NOW Elan: Ask yourself who will really gain out of a public being reduced to the same level of knowledge as a child?

    The government of course. And, do you believe the coalition won’t take good care to leave the damned thing there.

    Under censorship information will be denied to us. A semi-educated electorate is ideal to control, to enforce a rigid obedience to the party-line. The population will become as plasticine to any government.

    You are not old enough, perhaps, to have lived in the 1950’s. Everything was denied to the public. Books, cinema, media were all throttled back. Oz was a cultural wasteland.

    Ask yourself what happened to the so-called ‘Freedom of Information’ Bill? Governments, both federal and state, just walk around it. It has become a farce.

    If you solemnly believe that we should be denied all politically unfavourable, or favourable, access you are sadly mistaken. But we will be if this is allowed to go through.

    What do you think will happen to publications such as CRIKEY? What will they have to print when censorship comes in?

    If you truly believe that because of a large group of lazy parents-and an even larger amount of children-who are no where near as salacious as we take them to be, should be allowed to undermine the very fabric of life as we have known it is acceptable. Then, you and I shall have to part company.

    Do you seriously believe that kids come rushing home from school just to look at porn? WTF’s the matter with you. It is people like you the government plays on.


    PS: I agree not to heave gratuitous remarks at you-after this separation. I trust you will be equally restrained.


  40. Liz45

    ELAN – for goodness sake! Go and have a long lavender bath? Good for soothing……
    Re the tree-I was just trying to be friendly- I also love trees! As for the rest? To hell with it? I’ve already put forward my position. Channel 7 -super shits? David Campbell, entitled to be defended – and sympathy to his family! There you go-4 lines! Howzat?

  41. Elan

    Geez, this is getting complicated.

    1) No I’m NOT fooling around. I’m trying to find an arborist/tree relocator. It is 4m and I don’t have the confidence to do it myself.

    2) I’ll post a view as I wish. I’m sick and tired about hearing about Campbell. I post on the family suffering. (I have NO interest in Alco’s Anonymous. I HAVE an interest in AlAnon. No interest in Gamblers Anon but Gamblers Family Anon–the family suffering is my concern). I mention the dangers of an undeclared bisexuality. I’m held to account for that. That’s OK. I explain. I have to reiterate.

    3) He had to be exposed by the Waltersleaze. He then meets with his family. NO. I don’t think it was discussed previously. SO? I’m sure he DOES know about safe sex. But in an endeavour to keep his double life a secret (and THAT has not been denied), he may well have been reluctant to do anything that would cause his wife to ask questions?

    Is that conjecture? Well of course it is!! Just as your view is. As are most of these posts. ALL are opinions. Very few have undisputed facts. Don’t single me out.

    4) The children: Read back to V’s post further up the line. IT referred to parents wanting to censor their children’s viewing habits ‘just for power’. I was responding to that. YOU talk about strange!! You are taking me to task, and then putting a view that agrees with what I said!

    Why post?? Whaaat?? Why shouldn’t I??

    Thanks for your advice on the tree, but I’m damned if I can figure why you seem to want to pick a fight!

    (I’ve dispensed with italics/bold and used caps. I’m tired. Let’s just get this over with and move on????)

  42. Liz45

    ELAN – I agree with all you said. Re the Japanese Maple – a beautiful tree if it’s the one I think it is. I think the rule for transplanting trees – (are you serious or just fooling around?) dig a hole twice the area of the root ball – put in some goodies-compost, chook poo etc- water? put the tree in, in line with surface etc, back fill and then water again? I think that’s how you do it? Gardening Australia would have information on their web site. They have lots of Fact Sheets! I think if you water with Seasol or the like, it helps protect it against the shock of transplant, and certainly won’t hurt it – less chance of pests attacking it while vulnerable. I’m sure there’s a shorter way of describing this – I don’t know it though! I like to be thorough?

    If you agree with the sentiments re Campbell, why your posts? I think he’d know about safe sex don’t you? We don’t know what arrangement he and his wife had. If there were ‘rumours’ I’d say she’d have heard them. I feel for her as she’s been very ill with cancer – I hope she’s now well! As for protecting kids, what do we disagree with then? Why post what you did? Seems strange! Anyway, the point still is, that it’s none of our business, or of ch 7 either?

  43. i spy

    Till Friday last, channel 7 was by far my most preferred commercial tv viewing, programmes including news, live entertainment, movies and more, all of high standard both ethical and family friendly.
    For me, channel 7 certainly hit the rocks with the outing and/or political assassination of a minister of state cabinet, David Campbell complete with voice over, detailed movie of the said event on the 6pm prime time news, viewed by families of all ages without fear or favour.
    May I make it quite clear, i am not defending David Campbell’s alternate life style, nor the use of his tax payer Government Car as reported and shown (with or without the driver) particularly when confirmed by Premier Kenealy the use of the Government Car be part of Ministerial allowance.
    I am particularly concerned in the motive of Adam Walters and channel 7 being involved in opening the oyster, so to speak, wouldn’t this be to the advantage of the state Liberals, especially when it has been reported their Leader Barry O’Farrell gagged his members on discussing this matter, or is there more to this grotty action as reported Adam Walters previously worked as a spin doctor to a former Labour Premier and has a child to a former Labour Minister.
    I personally congratulate Premier Kristine Kenealy and David Campbell in the dignified manor of Kristina’s media presentation and David’s street interview.
    As a Penrith resident soon to be involved in a by election, this piece of grotty reporting has changed my voting intention from informal, to Labour, supporting a former Mayor John Thain trusting he will hold the seat, in turn support Premier Kenealy to clean up State Parliament and move ahead this great State of NSW encompassing my home town in Western Sydney.
    Donald E Marshall

  44. Elan

    LIZ your last post first.

    Thanks for mentioning that. I did already know, so I’m not sure what your point is. (The friend I mentioned-and he does exist! is also confused!)

    Your first post: I wondered whether to leave sexism out…’convieniently’ is actually correct. I was trying to deal with two things at once, so did not pursue all three things.

    So you were right about convienient……………

    The rest of it. Even you LIZ have to admit that you make consistently long posts. I’m not trawling through most of it, because it has little to do with what we are talking about.

    The salient point under discussion is my contention that bisexuality can post a danger if a partner is unaware of it, and has unprotected sex. To that end I will save my sympathy for Mrs Campbell.

    Mr Campbell is doing fine in the sympathy stakes here on Crikey, because of the behaviour of a rather odious journalist, and rightly so.

    I remain perplexed as to why having such views seem to extrapolate not being tolerant of gays/black lesbians or whatever.

    As to protecting our children-sorry you’ve completely lost me!!! I’m not completely sure, but I think we are in agreement,-so what’s the problem??

    (Now back to researching how to transplant a fully grown tree).

  45. Liz45

    ELAN – It’s probably also worth mentioning, that the country coped quite well with a Justice of the High Court being a homosexual, who came out years ago as I recall. There was no beat up nonsense about his sexuality causing some concern to the country; blackmail etc. As I recall, the only damage done was by a certain Liberal Senator from NSW, Bill Heffernan, who with the encouragement of his Prime Minister, Howard, allegedly put forth damaging so-called ‘information’ that was eventually proved to be false! He got off with a slap on the wrist, as I recall!

    We’ve all accepted Bob Brown’s homosexuality in a civilized and decent manner – publicly anyway! Both of these men are still in their long term relationships – longer than some marriages?

  46. Elan

    No multi-tasking I see. I’ve managed a bit of gardening inbetween posts, and am delighted to have inherited an 8ft Japanese Maple! All in the space of..what? an hour and a half?

    You on the other hand…’feeding trolls’. Dearie me! Such a lack of character!

    To practice safe sex ‘one’ needs to be aware of why it is necessary in a happy marriage.

    OK. I’m off to see how to transplant a adult tree, and you can come up with the next little techcliché.

  47. Liz45

    ELAN – Firstly, I’m not lecturing you on racism – you conveniently omitted sexism, which as a woman I’m certainly mindful of! Black women who are lesbians also – I shudder to think? I come across people on YouTube who begin their racist diatribe with words such as ‘my family are from New Guinea or wherever’? Or ‘some of my best friends are black’? then off they go! I avoid the sites now -such racism- too depressing!

    Elan – This is what you said! I was informed of this comment at 8.13 am today!
    “We ARE so Politically Correct you know. (Gawd! I never thought I’d use that bloody phrase!).”

    By condemning David Campbell as being irresponsible, or that as Bob the Builder points out, you infer bisexuality as an inherent danger only shows more ignorance. It’s only so if all persons don’t use protection? How do you know that they do or don’t? The same as I don’t know if you do? Obviously, Adam Walters isn’t responsible in his sexual activities – 3 kids to 3 different women? I think you should start discussing his ‘inherent dangers’ to the female population – now that’s what I call hypocrisy? And Peter Meakin’s situation trying to avoid the RBT, almost knocking a couple of policement over is hardly the action of a fine upstanding citizen is it? He recorded a conviction for that? A fine upstanding person indeed!

    The people who should take responsibility for this tragedy are those at Channel 7? This was not an issue that was “in the public interest” which is a whole lot different to ch 7 thinking, that the “public will be interested in it”? I’m glad to see, that mose people condemn ch 7 for their grotty and grubby form of journalism. Whether I like this Labor govt(I don’t- in fact I’m bloody angry with them – all) or David Campbell as a Minister(I didn’t) is irrelevant. I’m glad that I can see the difference!

    As for anyone casting aspersions on David Campbell for not ‘coming out’ would’ve learnt a lot if they listened to 97.3 ABC Illawarra this morning. A Uniting Church Minister, Gordon Bradbury(a highly respected and much loved person in this area)spoke of the environment that he and David Campbell grew up in – 1970’s. They were designated by a UN medical body as having a ‘mental deficit or disease’ and that was the environment under which they had to live – and love. It’s that reason why people of David Campbell’s age lived their lives. Another man rang called ‘Jeff’ who is well known, in the public eye, an AM recipient, but he won’t come out as he knows how he’ll be treated – he already is and has been suffering – police dossiers on him, windows broken in his house etc. Just awful situations. He reckons NSW is the most conservative/corrupt state in the country. His was a very revealing and brave account of living as a gay man in this world – or particularly in NSW.

    John Hatton, a wonderful man, while not agreeing with Campbell as a Minister for Transport, offered his love and support to him and his family! That’s what I call a mature and compassionate view on this sad and sorry mess!

    As for people being concerned re their kids exposure to pornography. I was one of those parents, and now I’m concerned for my grandkids. I’m not interested in power or domination or? I’m concerned with ensuring, that for the short time that it’s a reality, childhood should be protected by all of us so-called ‘responsible adults’? I didn’t want my kids asking about sexual activities involving adults and kids – at all! I didn’t want them frightened by every man they met either? Why only ‘man’? They’re the overwhelming majority who sexually abuse kids ! It’s a difficult road that parents travel. Are you one? If not, I hope you’ll want to protect your future kids too – which is totally different to being on a ‘power trip’? It’s called loving and nurturing!
    I don’t think Senator Conroy’s ‘solution’ is the answer! I heartily disagree with him and those who support him – it’s censorship of who knows what, eventually? Crikey perhaps?

  48. Bob the builder

    I generally try not to feed trolls, but…
    That big word you used means “existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute”.
    Provided one practises safe sex, there is nothing inherently dangerous about bisexuality.

  49. Elan

    FCS use your bloody brain!! Are you so intellectually challenged that you couldn’t work out what I was saying?? COME ON!!

    Not everyone agrees with me? Strewth you are intellectually challenged, aren’t you?

    (twixt these posts; I posted on another topic that disagreement was part of forum life!!)

    Here’s another popular phrase: Do try to keep up.

    Your turn BOBU.

  50. Bob the builder

    Poor old Elan, not everyone agrees with you so you’re a victim of the monolithic Garrett/Nixon/Campbell club.
    You didn’t say if a partner is unaware of bisexuality it can pose a danger (which is still unfounded), you said bisexuality is an inherent danger, which is patently absurd.

  51. Elan

    How nice of you to enlighten me Bobu.

    I remain surprised that that ‘followup’ comments are not notified by link, but are delivered to inboxes. Interesting.

    As to the rest of your claptrap; it is vintage posting to impress others. Quite common on discussion forums, and replete with the usual ‘frothing at the mouth’ phrases. ( You forgot ‘rant’).

    For God’s sake man, at least try to be original!

    Now do you see why I referred to PC! Bisexuality if a partner is unaware of it can pose a danger.

    I’ve learned on Crikey that anyone who does not go with a mainstream view, is singled out for attack!! Most of course come here knowing that, and handle it well. But it doesn’t do does it?

    You get the feeling that to belong to the ‘Crikey Club’ you have to see Garrett/Nixon/Campbell as poor wee put upon ‘victims’.

    Campbell is the exception there for me. I wish that 7 had not seen fit to indulge Walters in this way. As I said: I am not interested in Campbell. I have sympathy for his family!! OK??

    Mind you- I am beginning to wonder if any of these folks have to take anyresponsibility for what they do!!

    Why do we even have these senior positions?? They aren’t actually responsible for anything are they?, so why bother? We could save scads of cash!!

  52. Bob the builder

    if anyone ticks “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” they get all the following comments on that article emailed to their nominated account.
    Don’t know if you find being ‘technologically correct’ as sinful as being ‘politically correct’, but there are no conspiracies here and no need to contact the editors in a lather.
    BTW if Campbell is bisexual, so what? There are no inherent dangers in that, despite your unfounded assertion to the contrary. If you’d stop frothing at the mouth so much and jumping to silly conclusions you might make a bit more sense.

  53. Elan

    First of all Liz45 I need you to explain your first line. What do you mean: my post was emailed to you??

    Before I contact Crikey admin, I need some clarification. Are you actually saying you received my post in an email??!?!

    OK. This is what I said:

    BTW: I could not care less about Campbell. My compassion is for his family, and only for his family.
    We ARE so Politically Correct you know. (Gawd! I never thought I’d use that bloody phrase!).
    Campbell is apparently bisexual. No-one touches on the inherent dangers of that, for his wife. We mustn’t go there must we? All the sympathy is for the MP.

    This is how you interpreted it:

    …….so I’ll just answer your accusations of people here who are supportive of David Campbell due to channel 7’s disgraceful actions as being “politically correct”?

    Well now!!.., that’s a stretch! The question mark is the only saving grace. I would hope that you put it there because you are unsure that your interpretation is what I meant??

    I did not mean that, though I find it interesting that you jumped to that conclusion…

    What I did mean, is that though the support for Campbell is noble (I actually do mean that), we have been ‘careful’ ?? not to touch on what his bisexuality could mean for his wife. THAT is what I meant. And I remain of that view.

    To that end I have no time for Campbell, but feel for his family.

    As to your last line; I am a ‘half caste’ (my choice to put that). Don’t lecture me on racism. I know it. I’ve experienced it. And my closest friend is homosexual.

    Please let me know if you received an email of my post.

  54. Liz45

    ELAN – it’s interesting that your comment has been emailed to me but hasn’t appeared here yet, so I’ll just answer your accusations of people here who are supportive of David Campbell due to channel 7’s disgraceful actions as being “politically correct”? I reject that! Why is it that when people object to blatant racism, sexism or homophobia, they’re labelled as being “politically correct”? Pauline Hanson did it all the time, so did Howard and others.

    I’m not being “politically correct” by objecting to this gutter journalism, I’m opposing the abuse of this person’s power(Adam Walters & Peter Meakin too) by causing damage to a whole family, about an issue that we should treat with dignity and respect! So you only feel sorry for his family – you still have some growing up to do!

    The fact is, that racism, sexism and homophobia are repugnant; damage peoples’ health, reputation and psyche and should be opposed – robustly! full stop, end of story!

  55. klewso

    Anyone ever wonder, at the irony if someone(s?) took up 7 on their offer, at the end of their evening bull-tins, “to get in touch to suggest a story that needs some investigation” about “abuse by media personnel of their position – hypocrisy in the media”?

  56. Liz45

    MAXY – Good for you! All you need to do is never work for a Murdoch newspaper – work for someone/company that exercises integrity and a real commitment to journalism, and you’ll be fine!

  57. Maxy

    Its a real shame journalism has turned to this. I believe if someone is in a high profile position and is disrespecting his role within the work environment which has an impact on the community or the Australian Tax Payer then the public should be made aware; although I dont believe his/her private life should be aired out for all to see. What any person does in their private life is private no matter where you sit in society. Whether this person is doing wrong is really none of our business, its his families business. I can only imagine how his family must be feeling thanks to ……. well some journalist. I’m studying journalism at the moment and there has to come a time when morals come in to play and for me I wouldnt dare ruin another human being just for a story…..obviously some do………

  58. Liz45

    FIONA – I’m sure you were. JamesK is judging you by his own behaviour? We’re not all like that JamesK! I think I might send an email – might take more notice perhaps? Perhaps ‘snail mail’ is the answer! At least they have to do something with paper – even if it’s just putting it in the ’round file’?

    Oh! goodness? A spelling mistake! Now you’ve done it!

  59. Fiona Katauskas

    Oops. Misspelt “whose”

  60. Fiona Katauskas

    James K,

    Seriously- I was polite! There’s no use being rude to someone who’s job it is to answer the phone. It’s not their decision.

  61. Liz45

    VENISE – I didn’t respond to your assertion as to me being more “ladylike”? My sister used to refer to us as ‘lydies’ – who, sit around, sip tea and play bridge, whereas women, like us were busy people; went to work, did the shopping, looked after aged parents etc etc. I don’t think I’m ladylike at all – I hope! That’s usually a label put on us by men who don’t like us being forthright, swearing even? Shock horror! I never used to swear once, but these days, like the rest of the community I can’t resist – except when I’m out or with kids? I said to one of my sons a while ago, ‘I’ve had more birthdays behind me than in front of me, I don’t have time to be ‘nice’? I’m wary of men who criticize me for swearing – watch them very carefully! they’re the ones who pull out the chair for you and leave you to fall on your btm? My poor coccyx wouldn’t cope with being fractured again? It gives me hell as it is – after 16 yrs! They found an old fracture higher up too – I know who did that one????

    Hope you’re feeling OK today. I’m organising the last part of my irrigation system to water my plants? It’s a lovely day, so a good opportunity to get my dose of VitaminD, or is it K? Always forget! Take care! Don’t be intimidated by the rude and sexist blokes on here. I’m involved again with a women’s centre, on the Board again, and it’s good to be with people who really ‘get’ the male patriarchy ‘thing’ the ‘dominating behaviour’ and the ‘superior’ attitudes! Drives me nuts. There’s nice blokes on here, who are caring and compassionate – the others aren’t worth much effort!(I just need to heed my own advice now lol?)

    Take care!

  62. Liz45

    SOCRATEASE – Indeed! Id trust that man with my life – I can’t say that about too many people! Talking about trust and blokes and politicians – It pains me to say this, but I’m very disappointed with the women in the Federal govt – I expected more from them. I read only recently part of TanyaPlibersak’s (who I like I might add) speech prior to the ’07 election re child care, and how those making the decisions would be those transporting kids to different drop off’s etc and now look what they’ve done? Built 30 odd new ones yes, but shelved the others. Howard has a lot to answer for re his mate who owned ABC child care centres. How many millions of our money went into his pocket? I also think the women ‘wimped’ on asylum seekers too? I expect more from them – they should’ve stood up to Rudd and Co! I believe child care and aged care, like education and health should be funded by govt. It’s a nonsense! Just like dental care. The govt covers a boil on your lip but not the teeth in your mouth? Dumb!

    Did you watch the ABC program re the Wood Royal Commission. I’d forgotten just how much danger John Hatton was in, and how close the vote was in the parlt. Wow! I wonder how many hours he put into that? He didn’t budge even though the media were giving him a ‘caning’! The Telegraph? Fancy that? I wouldn’t wrap my fish & chips in any of Murdoch’s rags! I think he’s the most admired and probably most loved man along the south coast. He’s in his late 70’s now I believe, but he’s still speaking out! Let’s hope he’s still here in 20 odd yrs!

  63. Socratease

    @Liz45: John Hatton is an example of a very rare breed: the honest and ethical politician. By essentially forcing the creation of the Wood Royal Commission into NSW police corruption he took an enormous personal risk especially after seeing what happened to Donald Mackay. If I had to make a list of a few good men in NSW, he’d be on it.

  64. JamesK

    I hope they pay that Channel 7 receptionist who handled Fiona Katauskas’ “angry but polite” telephonic tirade very very well.

  65. Socratease

    ^ Bob, I’ve seen you on TV. The pre-school kids love you.

  66. Bob the builder

    I agree. I think this sort of ministerial meddling should be discouraged not demanded.

    “When the most senior public servant for traffic in the shape of the RTA chief is floundering around and not putting into operation the multi-million dollar bypass built for the specific purpose of dealing with such F3 blockages, we expect the responsible minister to be answering questions and putting a rocket up the idiot to make it happen. ”

    More idiots in more cars got stuck in the traffic. Boo hoo. And you expect a minister of the crown to be out in a vest fixing it do you? He should be responsible for the f*cked-up department that couldn’t transport a sh*t down a dunny, but baying for his blood because he wasn’t there on the day monitoring precious Sydney-siders’ car obsession is ridiculous.

  67. Liz45

    Sorry, his name is John HATTON! I read through too! He’s recently published a book, and is still involved in fighting corruption. He’s held public meetings in Wollongong, spoken at the Uni, on ABC radio etc. A lovely human being, who’s as honest as the day is long. Wish we’d ‘cloned’ him!I wonder how many death threats this lovely man has had? His wife co-wrote the book with him! I’ve forgotten the name!

  68. Liz45

    TOM – “Matters previous secret of the south coast labour council. The Gong etc. As if the ALP mps didn’t know the corruption in the Gong. As if. ”

    As a resident of Shellharbour Municipality(adjoins Wollongong – our Council was also sacked???) and know Paul Matters very well, the people of both Municipalities are really pissed off with the NSW Govt. We’re convinced that the Councils, taken over by NSW govt Administrators?? are there until after the next election, as it will be difficult for the ALP members of parliament to retain their seats – David Campbell’s is probably ‘safe’ enough.

    The behaviour of this govt just in this respect is a disgrace. I have no doubt that the govt and probably some of the local members knew all about what was going on in Wollongong! How far back it goes would be good to know? It’s also interesting, that despite recommendations of ICAC not one Councillor has faced criminal charges yet! I’m predicting that it won’t happen until after next March (2011)? See if I’m right, or just have a conspiracy theory mindset! There’s a lot of people along the coast who are bloody angry with the ALP – I hasten to add, that I won’t be voting for the other mob either? My arm would drop off – and I’m not impressed by any of the Libs? The Greens and maybe some good Independents will be my first choice? Perhaps one put up by the Sth Coast Labor Council!

    However, in spite of all this, I still like fixed 4 yr terms – it’s just that this govt has abused that privilege. I’m old enough to remember past Coalition govts in NSW, and none of them were without scandal, and I think being a ‘yes’ for big business and developers etc isn’t a new phenomenon! It goes back to Askin and probably earlier than him. There was the Royal Commission into the police brought about by John Hutton, Member for the Sth Coast – a most honourable and courageous man. The govt in power then was the Coalition – so they don’t have a lot to skite about either! I’m not impressed with O’Farrell either, and the far right of the cc are most worrying indeed(a couple of them in the Legislative Council – more in the wings)! Opus Dei is a scary group, almost as scary as the Exclusive Brethren etc – almost cult like!

    This is a beautiful part of the world, stuffed up by alleged corrupt dealings of greedy people! I hope that some of the Independents stand again – they are decent and hard working people – I feel sorry that they’ve been tarnished by the actions of others. Damned shame!

  69. Bellistner

    @Socratese: Right, so the general ‘angle’ is that the Minister should have been calling the RTA Chief and asking why the very expensive bypass wasn’t being used?

    (disclaimer: not a NSW’er, so the whole F3 bypass thing is a bit ‘what?’ to me).

  70. Johnfromplanetearth

    Now should Aker do the interview with Mr Campbell and ask him how does he feel about it all right now? Is it fair that you have lost your job? Oh, i get it, you can’t be bisexual and work for the Taxpayer at the same time. I see more than a double life here, i see some very hypocritcial double standards too. Aker was right!

  71. Michael Wilbur-Ham (MWH)

    When things go well the person at the very top usually does nothing, but is very happy to accept responsibility – and very high pay (in the private sector) or political kudos (in politics).

    When things go wrong the person at the top should bare the ultimate responsibility.

    During the time that something is going wrong, especially when it is a situation that is starts bad and then gets worse (such as the NSW road example or Black Friday in Victoria), it should be clear to anyone at the very top that things are going wrong.

    Just asking some basic questions should be enough to discover that things are getting worse. That the person at the very top is not doing anything (when things are working) gives them the space and time to take a big overview picture.

    And, most importantly, the person at the very top is the only one with the power to be able to say “That is not good enough, do better.”

    In both the NSW and VIctorian examples I think that it is likely that pro-active checking of what was being done would have discovered at least some flaws, and thus in both situations the outcome would not have been as bad if the person at the very top had been on hand.

    It really is negligence for them to have not been on duty during these major events.

  72. Elan

    I agree Socratease.

  73. Socratease

    @Bellistner: “Forgive my ignorance, but what responsibility does a Minister have for redirecting traffic?”

    When the most senior public servant for traffic in the shape of the RTA chief is floundering around and not putting into operation the multi-million dollar bypass built for the specific purpose of dealing with such F3 blockages, we expect the responsible minister to be answering questions and putting a rocket up the idiot to make it happen. It’s all very well for the minister to magically reappear after the event and sack the RTA head, but he was AWOL when it was happening and that’s the point.

  74. Fiona Katauskas

    Does anyone have any inside news on how many complaints Channel 7 has received?

    I called them yesterday morning in high dudgeon and was on hold for a while until I got through. The receptionist who took the complaint was unfailingly polite, unflappable and smooth as silk, informing me at the end of my tirade (I was angry but polite) that she was legally obliged to tell me that I should complain in writing to freeview.com.au if I wanted to make my greivance heard, with the implication that a phone call would do sweet FA. I asked her how many complaints they’d had and she said she was not legally allowed to tell me.

  75. Elan

    Dammit it all! WHAT is it that triggers that ******* moderation notice!!!

  76. Elan

    Boy! We’re getting quite expansive-so; This really irritates me >

    “It’s my opinion that the people wanting censorship to protect their children are full of cr*ap. What they really want is a bit of power.

    They read about a paedophilia and get a sort of sexual shiver. Then they are stricken with guilt for having had their sexual shiver. So instead of seeking to understand and deal with their problem they scream for censorship ‘To protect the children’, of course. And my name is Ludwig van Beethoven. Moreover, many of them don’t even have children. “

    Ludwig: This is bloody appalling! ‘net censorship is your target. Don’t vilify parents in this odious manner because of it! Parents ‘want a bit of power’???

    Strewth! Well, OK. Let’s go with that. If you’ve ever experienced Departmental protection of minors, whilst advising parents they have no rights, perhaps you are right. Parents may indeed like some ‘power’.

    But that is not what you meant, is it?

    I gave my close friend a fairy badge. The hurt in his eyes (he has never come out), has made me regret that for years. What a stupidly insensitive thing to do. I doubt that some homosexual men would like some of those phrases. Who of us likes to be categorized?

    BTW: I could not care less about Campbell. My compassion is for his family, and only for his family.
    We ARE so Politically Correct you know. (Gawd! I never thought I’d use that bloody phrase!).
    Campbell is apparently bisexual. No-one touches on the inherent dangers of that, for his wife. We mustn’t go there must we? All the sympathy is for the MP.

    NO. My compassion is for his family. Not him.

  77. Tom McLoughlin

    This won’t seem related, but it is about the history of corruption of this NSW Govt, in my area of land use policy, badly corrupted under the NSW ALP, with allies inside the ngo tent. Which is how they work. Every ngo sector knows the feeling …

    “From: Keith Hughes
    To: serca_members@
    Cc: ‘Tom Mcloughlin’
    Sent: Saturday, May 22, 2010 10:26 PM
    Subject: south east forests woodchipping campaign

    Hi serca

    Here is a copy of the letter to Jeff Angel which I sent to the contact address at the Total Environment Centre website today:

    Dear Mr Angel,

    On page 5 of Thurday’s edition of the Sydney Morning Herald it was reported in a story about the recent good redgum outcome that:

    ‘Jeff Angel of the Total Environment Centre said the state government’s stance in protecting forests over the past 15 years is “one of the most magnificent political and environmental achievements that we’ve ever seen”.’

    May I remind you that the Carr Government was elected in 1995 on a promise to end export woodchipping by 2000.

    That deadline came and went and despite significant editions to the National Park estate round here woodchipping hasn’t missed a beat.

    Indeed, in three of the last five years the woodchipmill boasted record production and export levels. Only the GFC has slowed them down since then.

    Ever larger mechanical harvesters and machines capable of logging slopes up to 30 degrees result in production forests being logged ever more intensively.

    The next three years will see the last remnants of the multi-age native forests still managed by FNSW logged for woodchips.

    This criminal destruction of native forests has been made possible by the RFA guarantee of “resource security” and removal of third party rights to challenge illegal logging through the courts.

    Carr’s legacy is spin not substance.

    Would you like to join us on the side of Edrom Road and watch the daily parade of 180 logtrucks bearing mainly old trees to the chipmill?

    What do you think that reported comments such as those attributed to you do for the ongoing campaigns to save the Mumbulla, Murrah, Yurramie and Tanja forests including possibly the last koalas?

    Yours sincerely

    Keith Hughes
    convenor, South East Region Conservation Alliance

  78. Tom McLoughlin

    This was a real story, as David Marr says you can’t be a minister (police is just one) and live a secret life.

    The politics in the NSW police is just as intense as anywhere.

    It also reveals by contrast just what a gutsy dude Senator Bob Brown is.

    I agree with Fiona K it’s a good answer he wants to spend more time with his family. In all the circs it’s a compelling reason post story. Not just a platitude. I hope his wife is not suffering given her illness, I really do.

    So what I wonder is this: How long are we going as a society to have this overhang of prejudice around electable gays? Content of their character versus genetic lottery. That’s what really matters in an ethical civil norm.

    I too went to JonesTown late in the morning commute but I don’t draw much from chis onflicted position, it’s equivocal. As to applying justice to this ALP Govt, well that’s a curious standard to apply to this mob, whom Gabrielle Harrison ex sports minister allegedly stated (then denied) ‘this is the most corrupt govt in the history of nsw’. Mmm, a big call ran on stateline about 8 years ago via Paul Matters as IRC barrister for an unhappy staffer. Matters previous secret of the south coast labour council. The Gong etc. As if the ALP mps didn’t know the corruption in the Gong. As if.

    At some point FK, don’t the rules actually become meaningless or should we all be like Gandhi and aim for integrity regardless, not simply to win? Probably but it tests one’s patience, it really does.

  79. Bellistner

    Forgive my ignorance, but what responsibility does a Minister have for redirecting traffic? Why is his whereabouts so important to the opposition? Were they expecting him to personally don a Day-Glo vest and stand in the middle of the road with a Stop sign and road flares?

  80. manyana

    Word is Walters picked up the tip on Campbell while working for the Daily Telegraph doing a story on brothels. But the Tele refused to fund the cost of a PI to stalk Campbell, apparently because they thought going after a minister for being gay wasn’t in the public interest. He then left the Tele after walking into the newsroom and giving the back bench and the editor (former mate Gary Linnel) a verbal bucketing. He’s then picked up by Seven (where he has another mate, chief of staff Andre Blunden) after the network starts losing ratings points to Nine and worries about not having enough heavy hitters on the reporting staff. His reported $250,000 salary (the figure said to be wildly inflated) causes a huge backlash among 7 news Sydney staff. Walters then dredges up this sleezy story to justify being hired. 7 put a PI on the case but he has a camera malfunction and all they got were the shots they put to air. (Is that why shots taken on Tuesday night don’t go to air until Thursday?)
    The irony is now that Campbell has gone, Walters has copped a huge bucketing in the media and his own private life becomes the story with Kochi outing him on air over Reba; Meaken gets his drinking and driving history dragged up yet again and Seven loses credibility.
    This is the same bloke who went round the press gallery a few years back bragging that he got rid of Carl Scully (wrong…Scully ruined his own career) his affair with Reba was another nail in her coffin, now he’s outed Campbell for being gay. Bet he enters the yarn in the Walkleys. Shows how the Seven vs Nine news war in Sydney is driving both networks to stoop to new lows.

  81. Venise Alstergren

    DAVE; 🙂 🙂 🙂 re: Ackerman. It’s the first thing I thought of when I saw his comment.

  82. dave

    Whilst we’re on the subject of HomoPhobia….
    has anyone checked out Jason Akermanis’ dyed hair …..
    maybe Ch7 should “stalk” him some dark nite.

  83. dave

    Love all these comments…fantastic….
    I think we should all de-tune CHANNEL SEVEN from our tv’s-for at least a year….see how the advertising revenue goes.
    Keep on digging the dirt about Walters and posting it on this site.
    Let’s see how his family feels.

  84. dlew919

    Do we remember the snit Ray Martin had when John Safran went through his garbage? If we were to really dig the dirt on Meakin, Stokes, or even grub walters, you would hear the howls of outrage from here to Pluto. Crikey’s done some stuff in the past, but never, I believe, to this level.

  85. JamesK

    With that Village People moustache and short of wearing crotchless leather chaps with a cowboy hat to Parliament what else could Campbell have done to invite his denouement ?

  86. gayle28

    Doesn’t anyone else find it interesting that Walters (family man extrodinaire), was put in Iemma’s office by Tripodi/ Obeid… Rumour has it that the leak was actually one of his staffers….. Campbell has 2 former Obeid staffers in his office and another who has extended his leave last week (guilty conscience) who is apparently close to head office.

    Got to love the ALP, they really will eat their own…. partic Obeid/ Tripod.

    What DC was doing was his business, it is a private matter. He probably loves his wife and boys to bits, that really is not our business!

  87. Liz45

    VENISE – I promise you I’m shock proof! I’m sorry you’ve had a horror of a day. Don’t feel bad about thinking I may have been ‘the culprit’? I didn’t get to be ’21 years and some months’ (my late sister used to use this expression) by being so insular.

    I think it’s interesting, that in 2010 some men still find homosexual men so confronting? It’s sad too. What does it say about them? They’re in turmoil re their own sexuality. People who are OK in their skin and don’t have any religious prejudices????aren’t usually so strange in their response to situations like this. AIDS is such a terrible disease, or at least it was 15 yrs or so ago. I can’t understand why everyone isn’t sympathetic! People are strange aren’t they?

    Take care!

  88. klewso

    “Election looming, to be prosecuted”, this “proof” of where Campbell was, on that “original night in question”, the “nightmare on the F3”, after he’d not answered the questions of various “diva’s” (Liberal or their symbiotic media hand-maidens) on where he’d been?
    Campbell’s “original sin”, according to another “infallible journo”, wallowing in the tabloid media, was similar to Nixon’s?
    They “weren’t there” to get under the feet of the experts, delegated, employed (because of their expertise in such matters) in the day-to-day handling of such occasional mishaps/disasters such departments are set up to handle? To make the tea? Or they weren’t there “asking stupid questions”, wasting time, carrying on like some other diva’s, and “taking over” to suit the cameras of the tabloid media? Like “some diva’s” would?
    So what would have happened if, say Campbell (or other “Nixon”) had been interstate, overseas, in hospital (either “side” of a bed), at a funeral?
    If you want experts in the cock-pit, to handle such “disasters” when they occur, should the “Minister for Health” be a “specialist”? “Education” a “teacher”? “Agriculture”, a “farmer”? “Indigenous Affairs” an “Aborigine”? “Defence”, a soldier, a sailor, pilot? “Housing”, a builder? “Employment”, “Health and Ageing”, “Immigration”……..?
    What about “Veterans”, not to mention “Foreign”, “Affairs”……..?
    Or is this just another conservative media diva intent on doing to Labor, what he “did” to Meagher?

  89. Venise Alstergren

    BLINKYBILL: Some of my friends died of AIDS as well. We used to have a nice little strip of trees with the names of the deceased on a small brass plaque, just over the road from the pub. Unfortunately a hideous hotel bought up the land, removed the trees, and built one of the cheapest horrors I have ever seen. We were all upset.

    WTF Do you imagine that everyone is presumably like you? I’m not an intentional liar at all. More importantly you appear to be unable to differentiate between something written from the heart, and some cynical, self-important grandstander.

    Shame on you!

  90. Venise Alstergren

    LIZ: I’ve been under a bit of pressure today. I hadn’t realised that someone called who? BLINKYBILL? Had slammed me. I even went as far as thinking it was you who had done so.

    Many many apologies.

    Sometimes I wonder if the people who scream for political correctness ever realise who, or why they are being politically correct about.

    BLINKYBILL: Obviously likes gays in the abstract, but not in the particular.

    I would have thought I’d have to be a genius to make up such a vivid, and much loved part of my life.

    Honestly, people sometimes are appalling.

    BTW: Today I discovered why MARTIN R hates me. Basically it’s to do with A) The friendly chats we occasionally indulge in. B) He took offence at my statement that I have never worn a wedding ring? Work that out.

    I admit I named him in the comment I should have known was written by MICHAEL. However they are both so odiously offensive it’s difficult to tell them apart.

  91. Venise Alstergren

    LIZ: I wrote you a comment which has been awaiting moderation for hours. I think it’s my name which sets off alarm bells. I said nothing ‘wrong’ in the comment.

    Good heavens Liz I have never been anti-gay, ever, ever, ever. I sure didn’t move into a gay area with anything to dislike about gays.

    I have a feeling you are inherently more ladylike than me. It is common usage, in my neck of the woods to describe a gay as a ‘silly old faggot’ and a hell of a lot worse. ‘Bloody old queer’ is another much-used term of dislike, as is ‘that flaming queer!”

    I plead guilty for my choice of friends. Too damned theatrical! I hope I haven’t managed to shock you?

  92. monkeywrench

    Well, David Koch has annoyed ten shades of crap out of me over the years, but I give him kudos-plus for that one.

  93. Liz45

    Posted Saturday, 22 May 2010 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    Venice, Wow, in 48 hours you have gone from slurring someone you didnt agree with, with a stereotypical homophobic slur, to today being the champion and friend to all who are gay.

    Everyone I know lost alot of friends to aids, so please don’t give us the sanctimonous crap that you once (shock shock) used to hang out at a gay bar. That sounds like such a fraud.”

    I think if you go back through several posts, you’ll find, that in the main, those who are the butt of “slur” or insult are the women – like Venise and myself! I didn’t take it that Venise was trying to shock us, or that she was shocked or patronising by befriending or enjoying the company of gays – I took the opposite view, that to her it was just a normal part of her social life! I didn’t see any room for offence! None at all! I thought she was just being matter of fact!

  94. RICK68

    DON’T tell mum I work for Ch.7, she thinks I’m a male prostitute at the local brothel.

  95. Liz45

    @John James – So you’d be quite happy for some sleazy journalist to sit outside your house, go to your place of work or relaxation etc? No invasion of your privacy? It must feel so good to be so pure and upright, and obviously a hetrosexual? Your allegiance to so-called christian principles is somewhat confusing, when you fail to find it in yourself to uphold other peoples’ basic rights – unless of course, they quite rightly belong to the same ‘club’ as your good self – upholding the same ideals of righteous goodness?

    When I presented for a job, there was no question re my sexuality. Whether I did or didn’t apply myself wasn’t related to my sexuality, and I don’t recall being referred to or introduced to anyone where the comment was, ‘she’s hetrosexual you know’? But I often hear that re gays or lesbians and it annoys me – it’s discriminatory and unnecessary. Even Ministers for Transport have the right to a private life, whether it includes hetrosexual or homosexual liasons is none of my damned business – or yours either for that matter.

    One in 3 women will experience physical and/or sexual abuse in their lifetime – the overwhelming number of perpetrators are men. The majorityy or men who abuse their wives/partners do not abuse their work colleagues, people in the street, their friends or their employers. Therefore, on a daily basis, these men act in a manner in private that they don’t exhibit in any other forum or social network – therefore those men are living a lie that is injurious to so many women, that one every 7 days is murdered in this country by someone she should be safe from; where it will cost in excess of $15 BILLION this year alone, and is the greatest threat to the lives of women between the ages of 15-44? So, there are too many men, some of them could post on this site who behave one way in public, but in an horrific and violent manner in private. Your theory below may be your life, but it’s certainly not the reality overall! 25% of women at this time are being abused in their own homes, and it’s kept “private” – to her detriment!

    “How I behave in private is exactly how I’ll behave in public, if I’m assured of anonymity. That’s why we have an independent media who, we hope, present to us ALL the facts,
    If I’m dishonest in private, or violent or corrupt, I’ll likely behave exactly the same way in public, if I can do it and not be seen.” John James

    David Campbell’s private life should’ve remained that way, unless he engaged in any activity at his place of work or during work time etc. The man is entitled to a full life like you or I devoid of some sleazy journalist whose only interest is sensationalism for its own sake, particularly when his own morality is questionable? What a bloody hypocrite!

  96. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    My point was that there had been a long standing convention in Australian politics that a politicians private life was private.

    Outing non “family values” politicians would have effected all parties, and, even Prime Ministers.

    Re Cambpell missing in action, in Victoria we have a similar issue in regard to what senior people were doing on last years Black Saturday.

    That they were not on duty is a public issue. What they were doing instead is their own private business.

  97. John james

    “..who WAS Australia’s first gay Prime Minister?”

    Living in the past, Michael, is as almost a fruitless exercise as concealing the present .

  98. Socratease

    @BJ: “David Campbell’s where abouts during the so called F3 debacle are of little consequence,”

    Absolute nonsense! This is a minister in state government who was missing in action while one of his chief public servants floundered around, and who refuses to say where he was during all of that. If he was at a male brothel during working hours, which is the implication he has yet to refute, then it’s no wonder he resigned in a flash.

  99. Michael Wilbur-Ham

    So John, who was Australia’s first gay Prime Minister?

  100. John james

    “..I think what any politician does in their private life is up to them..”

    No where in our political system does that principle apply, nor should it. This absurd propsition that there are two different people , one who operates in ‘private’ and one who operates in ‘public’, is nonsense.
    The liberal Left are fond of invoking this, especially if its one of their own indulging in some horse play ( pity the horses! ).
    How I behave in private is exactly how I’ll behave in public, if I’m assured of anonymity. That’s why we have an independent media who, we hope, present to us ALL the facts,
    If I’m dishonest in private, or violent or corrupt, I’ll likely behave exactly the same way in public, if I can do it and not be seen. And when those in public life seek the support of people who see heterosexual expression as the legitimate basis of marriage and family and I conceal my homosexual liaison, hoping that I’ll enjoy their continuing indulgence, that is just nonsense, and should be exposed.

  101. Venise Alstergren

    LIZ: I’ve got the ‘JonesTown’ book. It is certainly worth reading. It is well written and very readable. If I have a criticism it would be that the author didn’t go far enough. However, as Alan Jones is still alive, I dare say Chris Masters had to be careful not to sued.

    Masters not only redefines the word ‘sleaze’ but he gives it a whole new dimension.

    As a gay, Alan Jones, has done more to typecast (negatively) gays than almost anyone else in the twentieth-twenty first century Oz.

    JOHN JAMES: Thank you for being a poisonously gratuitous fart. As usual you contribute nothing to a post. It’s sad to encounter a blob of slime which tries to contribute; but fails.

    Of course this is scarcely surprising. Because as an admitted Catholic medico, the only advice you can give to a desperate woman who is pregnant. Is no advice. You won’t even give her referral to a non-Catholic doctor.

    You didn’t even have the grace to answer my question, fortunately someone else did.

    MARTINR, who is no friend to me, wrote a sensitive, rather charming post on the topic. He didn’t bag me. BUT YOU DID. God I feel pity for any teenager who comes to you with a bun in the oven.

    MICHAEL WILBUR-HAM: Thanks for the info. The closest I came to it was Main
    Street Magazine!

    It’s my opinion that the people wanting censorship to protect their children are full of cr*ap. What they really want is a bit of power.

    They read about a paedophilia and get a sort of sexual shiver. Then they are stricken with guilt for having had their sexual shiver. So instead of seeking to understand and deal with their problem they scream for censorship ‘To protect the children’, of course. And my name is Ludwig van Beethoven. Moreover, many of them don’t even have children.

  102. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    One of the things to be aware of with the media frenzy on child pornography is that as well as the absolute abhorrent example you gave, if two 17 year olds, who are legally having sex, take any photos or videos of themselves, they are producing child porn.

    If they send this to anyone they are distributing child porn.

    And if a 45 year old man happens to have any such photos he will be paraded to the media as a pedophile.

    We also need to remember that the vast majority of sexual abuse of children happens in the home or with a trusted friend of the family. Those with “family values” often seem to think that the family is sacrosanct. This explains why there is so much focus on the stranger as sexual predator.

  103. Michael Wilbur-Ham

    Well, as I said way above, anyone in the Rudd government who engages in even mild fetish (even if this is with their spouse) should resign, because according to them such content is so vile that it is Refused Classification.

    But apart from such conflicts with their political stance, I think what any politician does in their private life is up to them.

    I don’t think there would be many politicians left if everyone who had engaged in something that is not “pure family values” had to resign.

  104. napoleon dynamite

    thanks Michael, I think I am a bit naive!

    Leaving the gay issue aside, it was probably right for him to resign.

  105. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that a “gay spa” was a place a man could go to have casual sex with other men (not a brothel because no money is exchanged).

    Of course if there were places where heterosexual males could go and have casual sex with females (without having to pay for the sex) these places would be very empty, as no heterosexual male would ever consider doing this 🙂

  106. shepherdmarilyn

    I think Walters has been in the gutter for some time now.

  107. napoleon dynamite

    I feel sorry for this guy and the way he has been outed by the media. One can only imagine the embarassment that he is currently experiencing…

    Correct me if I am wrong, but, isn’t a gay mans spa pretty much a brothel for gay men?

  108. Elan

    Well, I’m not keen to break up the party, but I cannot agree with your post BJ.

    I’m not interested in the behaviour of this or any other public figure, unless it impacts on their public life, or unless the odious turds deny something so bleedin’ obvious.

    But I will never see the Head of Department/Political leader/CEO as not responsible for (NOT the cause of) what goes on under their watch.

    Sod that!

  109. klewso

    Just the one/two(?) query :- Walters, “there”, with his “scooper”, across the street waiting for Campbell to “come out” – was he in the gutter? Or did that come later?

  110. blinkybill

    Venice, Wow, in 48 hours you have gone from slurring someone you didnt agree with, with a stereotypical homophobic slur, to today being the champion and friend to all who are gay.

    Everyone I know lost alot of friends to aids, so please don’t give us the sanctimonous crap that you once (shock shock) used to hang out at a gay bar. That sounds like such a fraud.

  111. Liz45

    @SHEPHERDMARILYN – I owe Miranda an apology! I hesitated reading her article, and nearly fell off the chair – Sorry Miranda!

    It’s been my experience, that those (blokes anyway) who are so affronted by gay men etc are probably questioning their own sexuality, otherwise, why are they so hateful? Perhaps they think it’s ‘catching’? As for the god botherers behaviour/s? They’re just bigotted and hateful! Mind you, they’re the same towards women also! Pell and Jensen etc

  112. shepherdmarilyn

    When David Marr and Miranda Devine are in furious agreement about the rights of David Campbell Channel 7 ought to have a good look at what they are doing.

    Across the spectrum this week we have finally seen Australia’s better angels appear in defence of gays and lesbians.

    I guess the Mardi Gras has helped millions become enlightened after all.

  113. Liz45

    VENISE – Re msm – took me a while too!

    GLENN, REDFIELD & VENISE – Thank you!

    I’ve noticed that my local library has the book re Alan Jones, by Chris Masters – I must borrow it. I find Alan Jones a very hateful and nasty person. I recall the Cronulla riots, where he incited ‘real Aussie males(or words to that effect) to give it to the Lebos?. Strange how he wasn’t charged for inciting racial hatred? He has a mean mouth and often can be seen with a very ugly and hateful look on his face – gives me the shivers? No wonder Howard liked/likes him?

    As to the censorship question – The best way to protect children from grotty web sites is vigilance by parents surely. What stops people sending awful images via email to each other? No alleged filter will stop that will it? I’m sometimes fearful that I’ll stumble across some awful images, which I’d find distressing and nauseating. In over 7 yrs, it hasn’t happened -thank goodness. Doesn’t that prove, that if you’re not looking you won’t find anything like child pornography. Isn’t another solution to employ more specialised police whose task is to hunt these mongrels down on chat rooms etc? What a damned pity that someone didn’t find out about the bastard who allegedly murdered that beautiful young woman in NSW- only 18!(My eldest grand-daughter is almost that age!)

    I read in the SMH several months ago, where Australian police helped US police track down a man who’d been sexually abusing his young daughter for several years – it was just horrific – poor little darling! They saved her though, perhaps just in time. The assaults were escallating in violence, and he was showing them live via his computer to a ‘select’ group. It was awful reading, but it certainly educated me – reduced me to tears! Who’d want a job like that! Rewarding at times, but knowing they were so close and yet the last piece of the puzzle took some time to unravel, was just awful!

    Call me strange, but I don’t like the term “kiddy porn” it seems to lessen the horror of child pornography somehow? I wonder if that young girl will ever have a normal loving/sexual relationship because of this horrific abuse of her, and by her own father! The one man she should be able to rely on for protection – always!

    I have 3 grand kids under 12, and I know that their parents are very diligent about their protection. I don’t think they have much faith in a ‘filter’ – they just make sure that the computer the chn use(separate to theirs) has restricted use, and they use it in a ‘public’ part of the house, not in their bed rooms. I know not every parent can afford 2 computers, but there are possible restrictions available now aren’t there? It’s difficult being a parent these days I think! More dangers!

  114. John james

    @venise alstergren
    “.. I am ashamed to say I cant work out what they stand for..”

    Nothing to be ashamed of Venise, and, anyway, its the least of your problems.

  115. John

    With hindsight, we should have known David Campbell might be gay.
    After all, he sings show tunes.

  116. Michael Wilbur-Ham

    I picked it up from others – Main Stream Media

  117. Venise Alstergren

    PS LIZ & MWH: You uses the initials MSM, I’m ashamed to say I can’t work out what they stand for?

  118. Venise Alstergren

    MICHAEL WILBUR-HAM @ 6.45pm 21 May: I’ve always thought Rudd to be right-wing, perhaps conservative is a better word.

    I haven’t had a chance to read all your comments yet. I will do so shortly.

    RENA ZURWEL @ 6.58pm 21 May: Thanks for your query re leprosy! The answer comes in three parts. A) I didn’t want to use a cliché. B) I’ve always thought a bit of verbal colour enlivens a post. C) Whilst thinking about A & B, the word leprosy just came into my head. So I used it!

    They don’t call me superficial for nothing.

    LIZ @ 8.32 pm 21 May: Beautifully written and deeply sensitive.

    SBH @ 11.40pm: It’s interesting you should say this, because this morning I popped into the coffee shop. I picked up the Hun and, to my considerable astonishment, the letters pages were full with people expressing the same views as to be found here.

    Now that is extraordinary! And it gives one a bit of hope that Oz is beginning to grow up.

  119. B.J.

    David Campbell’s where abouts during the so called F3 debacle are of little consequence,that’s just as stupid as blaming Peter Garrett for every dodgy insulation installation that happened.
    At the end of the day the people that should be blamed are the incompetents that were at the worksite or crash site. A Minister can’t be expected to know the complete workings of any portfolio that’s ridiculous, unless your the gutter media of course.

  120. zut alors

    On the subject of hunting down journalists for dirt on their private lives: by a strange quirk of fate I happened to see an Oprah Winfrey programme recently where the buxom actress, Kirsty Alley, was discussing being hounded by the paparazzi. Their mission was to take uncomplimentary photos of her ever-burgeoning figure.

    But Kirsty decided if they were lurking outside her home she would give them a dose of their own medicine and would take photos of the paparazzi. And they HATED it, they scurried from her premises like hunted hares.

  121. Kevin Herbert

    I can’t see that what he’s done is a resigning matter.

    His personal issues with wife & kids aren’t established to my knowledge i.e. they may have known.

    I know of a couple of long term relationships that operate successfully where one partner has accepted the other’s bi-sexual persona.

    Kennealey should’ve refused his resignation.

    Reinstate him I say, is the decent thing to do.

  122. Redfield

    I agree with the popular sentiment expressed in the great majority of the comments here.
    I did notice that during the clip of the exchange with David Koch, in trying to justify the release of this tawdry piece, Adam Walters said that “there’s a lot more to this story that will unfold as time continues – we’re not in a position now to disclose what other information we have…..” (about 3minutes 10 secs into the clip)
    It will be very telling to see if this other information ultimately offers any reasonable justification for the treatment Mr Campbell has received. If no further justification materialises, it will confirm my present view that this was motivated by sheer malice and bastardry. Adam Walters and the others responsible need to be held to account to deliver this ‘other information.’

    LIZ45: very well said. I applaud the commitment you made to your son’s friend. It is difficult and confronting, but every time a reasonable person lets a negative comment on topics such as another’s race, religion or sexuality pass unchallenged, it is tacit acceptance of the negative view.

  123. gerard

    Two Bob:

    Not only are many married men bi, homo, or in some cases even hetero sexual, but survey after survey shows that the majority of men who use sex workers are the married ones.
    I don’t know about you, but your views on how gay men can’t possibly be good family men rankles, rattles with ignorance. Do you wear knee socks with souteneur sandals or are you from Queensland or both?

  124. Martin R

    We have religion in all its forms to thank for spending hundreds of years ingraining all people of the earth with a fear and loathing for all things homosexual. Only in the last 30 or so years have people with common sense fought back along side homosexuals who endure the worst kind of fear and dread from a young age brought about as a result of the great controllers of the masses.
    Mr Campbell by rights should not have to sneak around like that nor should anyone else. Although that implies an ideal world which we are far from. Perhaps his family knew anyway. The point is, it’s nobody’s f-ing business but his / his familys. And imagine his wife dealing with cancer and now this media circus to boot. My heart goes out to her. And a huge slap goes to Walters.
    This Walters apparently has 3 children to 3 mothers? Well that’s ghetto type behavior seen often on the likes of Judge Judy. Which of these two situations is more irresponsible and reprehensible? I say Walters. Campbell’s is neither. Knowing what predatory gossiping sniveling weeds most journalists are, it comes as no surprise to read what this guy did. Remember all the sorrow and bs that went on after Diana Spencer was killed, virtually chased to her death by journalists who relentlessly made her and her son’s life a nightmare. I recall talk somewhere following that incident that from then on media would back off such invasive practices. Well, that was bs too. It’s the same old thing. MJ copped it hard as well rest his soul.
    I have imagined a new twist on the situation for some time, which would be to set up an investigative team to focus exclusively on the lives of journalists themselves and see how much dirt they can dig up. So the hunters become the hunted. It would be a nice bit of irony.
    There is no quick solution to homophobia and will never be fully accepted in our lifetime, or while religion exists. Hopefully Walters gets a proper farewell from CH7 with a large boot up the rear. What an @sshole.

  125. dlew919

    I will finally get aroudn to reading it. Thanks!

  126. Socratease

    All covered in great detail in “Jonestown”, but that’s the particular connection between the subjects I was alluding to. I agree that the general connection is often automatically made unfairly.

  127. dlew919

    @soc; do not know any of that…. I won’t ask you to recount…

  128. Socratease

    ^ If you know Jones’ background, and why in the ’70s when he was a teacher he was asked to leave the Kings School school, you’ll get an idea why he avoids discussion of either subject.

  129. dlew919

    the small stupid part of the population link p*dophilia with h*mosexuality… not with p*dophilia which is an undeniable link… apologies.

  130. dlew919

    To be fair to Jones, I suspect he avoids p*dophilia because there is that small, yet stupid, proportion of the public who link it with p*dophilia. and as bad as he is anyway, he’s still better than Peter Meakin: is there a lower journalistic scum than him? He seems to be involved in all the most sleazy and disgusting stories…

  131. SBH

    I can’t remember an issue where there was such cross-Crikey agreement on anything. You’ve all stepped up.

  132. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    Rudd was elected with a mandate to act on climate change. If his first budget had been a major first step he would have got some things through.

    The details of the CPRS are more proof that Rudd does not care (see recent Rooted Blog entries for details). And once this failed, he made no attempt to get something else to happen (for example a Carbon Tax as proposed by the Greens).

    In Copenhagen Rudd was part of the problem, not the solution.

    The one thing that did come out of Copenhagen – a promise to give climate change related aid to poor countries – again shows the true Rudd. This was meant to be new money. The last budget shows Australia’s contribution being taken out of our already too low foreign aid budget.

    But to show the real political genius of Rudd (used for evil) you only need to look at the solar cell rebate scheme. With this Rudd took a technology that is good for the environment and turned this into a scheme which increases our emissions.

    Rudd’s record of inaction cannot be put down to just incompetence or a hostile media (remember the media was not that hostile at the start of his term).

    To have achieved almost nothing in his first term proves that he never ever cared.

  133. Jeremy Williams

    @ Michael
    All of your points are valid reasons and are true of rudds failure
    A lot of us are very disappointed in rudd over climate change
    But I think you need to acknowledge the political realities in australia and its media
    For example I live in Brisbane, our lord mayor has been elected to build enormously inefficient and expensive tunnels his opponent pushed public transport and got hammered (very sad)( the tunnel is hardly used)
    Listen to commercial talkback (if you can bear it) they all hate greens and environmental measures they see it as extremist
    We have only 2 papers at every petrol station and local IGA’s the oz and courier mail
    We all know how anti environment and global warming sceptical the oz is
    The courier mail is more balanced but its mostly a populist and gossip focus – only a tiny part focuses on public policy
    Rudd faces a similar problem to Obama a very conservative environment and media but Obama is making a much better fist of it
    Rudd doesn’t like to take risks but as Keating has pointed out trying to sell the idea of putting a price on carbon to the public is very difficult
    So what you say is valid but to go so far as to say he feigned his anger on 7.30 report and he doesn’t care about climate change at all is going too far

  134. Socratease

    @Fiona: make no mistake, Jones would have pounced if it (i.e. the subject) suited his political agenda du jour. Once he targets a government figure, hell hath no fury like Gloria scorned.

    Chris Masters covers Jones’ on-air diatribes and outright bitchiness at length in his book “Jonestown”.

  135. Bill

    Crikey goes to press?

  136. Fiona Katauskas

    @ Socrates
    In a way I’ve got to hand it to him, then. He was one of the few big media voices not to jump all over what was essentially a nasty story devoid of any real public interest. Even the ABC lapped it up, even if it took a “Has the Media Gone Too Far?” approach

  137. Socratease

    @Fiona: My information is that Jones didn’t touch the subject, nor would I expect him to, even though it’s the hot political topic of the day down at Macquarie street. In fact, afaik, the two topics he never ever discusses on air are homosexuality and ped*phelia, a situation that some may find curious.

  138. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    I’ve been pointing out in Crikey over the last week that an ETS or Carbon Tax is only one (albeit important) part of tackling climate change.

    What stands out is that Rudd has failed to even start any of the many non-CPRS things that are needed to change our economy.

    Just to give one example, everyone knows that a part of taking action is moving more people to public transport. Looking at the Melbourne rail network, for example, years of neglect by state Labor and Liberal governments mean that it will take years to upgrade the tracks and signaling, and to buy new trains.

    An ETS or Carbon Tax will only be effective in moving people to public transport if the public transport can cope with more people.

    Rudd has not done anything to start this change. Instead he has just maintained road funding.

    The other half of this is that Rudd has continued with the subside for company cars. This cannot be got rid of in one go, it has to be phased out over years. Rudd has not even started.

    Every other non-CPRS step needed to tackle climate change is the same story. Rudd has done nothing or next to nothing.

    If Rudd ever believed that climate change was a real economic and environmental threat, his first budget would have been very different. Yet not only did his first budget not start any real change, his second and third budgets have been just as bad.

    Rudd’s lack of actions condemn him.

    As it seems what I’m saying is new, even though I have been posting comments such as this on Crikey all week, I’ve yet to get a single response from a Labor supporter defending Rudd’s lack of action in all these other than CPRS areas.

  139. Glenn

    Liz45 – well said , very well said in fact.

  140. Liz45

    A few more ‘shock’ revelations. A young man who was a visitor in my home since he was 12 yrs old was gay – I didn’t know. He was a friend of my sons and that was good enough for me. When there were family events such as christmas night, he’d be there, as were many other young family members or friends of my sons, and after everyone had gone to bed, there was just he and I doing the cleaning up – for the 2nd and last time. He was the first to get the vacuum cleaner out, and 2nd last to go to bed. Sadly, at the age of just 30 he died from AIDS. I was totally distressed about it. One of his last requests was to ask me to give the Eulogy at his funeral- which I did with much pride. This young man was a beautiful human being, who I’d loved for 18 yrs. I didn’t give a s**t what his sexual orientation was – I loved him for the lovely person he was, and that is the whole point here. The ugly bastards will bring up their revolting prejudices and homophobic views of homesexual people, because of their own ‘demons’ or maybe just pure hatred. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. They’re revolting, and their hatred and prejudices are revolting, and I reject them totally!

    Why is this relevant you may ask? Because being gay is usually a challenging and traumatic time for too many adolescent people, gays and lesbians. My love for this young man didn’t change when I found out he was gay, on the contrary, I was even more supportive of him than I had been in the past. I’ve known several gay men; some I’ve liked and some I didn’t, but one fact has always been with me, and that is, that every human being should be treated with respect and dignity, and a person’s sexuality is an important component of who they are, but it’s only one! The young man I referred to trusted me to comply with his wishes – I was determined to live up to the trust and priviledge he placed in me. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. If it wasn’t for his parents and siblings, and the support of my sons, I couldn’t have done it.

    My whole point is this; we don’t choose our parents; we don’t choose what country we’re born into; we don’t choose whether we’re right or left handed, and we don’t choose our sexual orientation. If we’re gay, so be it – we should be able to choose a life partner, or seek out people we’re sexually attracted to, the same as heterosexual people. It’s called justice and human rights, and most importantly, the right to be respected as a human being for that fact alone. Sexual orientation is just one component of who and what we are!

    Oh yes, I almost forgot. I promised this lovely young man, that for the rest of my life I would speak out against homophobia and horrific abuse and intimidation of gays and lesbians. He said that he believed that I would abide by that commitment. I’m proud of the fact that for over 15 yrs I have done just that!

  141. Jeremy Williams

    A lot of what you say I don’t disagree with, but I’m afraid if you think Kevin Rudd’s anger on 7.30 report was staged you’re too cynical to be perceptive
    Anyone can be cynical about everything but thats not reality and its pointless
    The fact is 99% of Kevin these days unfortunately is staged, that 5 minutes on 730 report was a gem because it was genuine.
    I believe Kevin does care about climate change but he knows his policies are piss weak and he’s probably more angry at himself for copping out so poorly. Having said this do you really think newslimited and the various vested interests would have given him a fair run if he continued to try to get the cprs through. The same conservative media calling him a coward were and would have continued to pumel him more on any price on carbon regardless of how weak it was (and it was)
    Fact is the cretins Tony and Barnaby have been very successful at appealing to people’s selfishness.

  142. Glenn

    Socratease – na I just made it up.

  143. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    The politicians do the show that is expected of them.

    Do you really believe that Hockey believes that the mining tax is the real reason for the fall in the Oz dollar?

    I’m sure he knows that this is crap, but it makes a great sound bite for the evening MSM news that is very hard for Rudd to counter.

    Do you really think that Rudd is serious about tackling climate change?

    The evidence shows that he is not. But his (I think staged) passion on the 7:30 report is needed to give believers the impression that he does care.

    Similarly the right thing for the NSW Premier (note that Crikey is Australia wide) is to go along with the pretense that she did not know about his private life.

    Lots of politics is theatre, but theatre where the best performance has the reward of running the country (or state).

  144. Socratease

    @Tom: That’s a very good question and Campbell is not good at answering questions.

    @Mark: That’s an even better question. Keneally’s manufactured mask of innocence is cracking.

  145. Fiona Katauskas

    Did your mate give you any more details? I’d love to know how Jonesey framed his criticisms and how he justified his confected outrage.

    Presumably the Parrott will be avoiding Towel Free Tuesdays at Ken’s for a while.

  146. Venise Alstergren

    TWO BOB: I lived for ten years in a gay area in Prahran, and once a week I used to go to a largely male-gay pub, nick-named by all of us as ‘The Sex-change hotel”. Many of whom were my friends. Do you have any conception of the amount of (Catholic) men with large families-up to seven children- who were outright gays? Ordinary people, just like us.

    Many of these men were happily married-perhaps having a wife who has a kid every time she is sc*rew*ed might be a turn-off. Some of them were medicos, some were accountants, one or two museos and another one of them was the local dust-bin collector. We all went to the same parties, and enjoyed ourselves enormously. I’ll tell you a dread secret, shusss. Three of them were drag queens. Isn’t that shocking?

    With your bigoted remarks you have A) quoted the ‘family values’ catch-phrase, which is responsible for clowns such as Steve Fielding getting into power…Yeah, it was the Labor Party’s fault for thinking the Steve Fieldings’ of this world might keep their word in a political deal, and for being silly enough to enter into a deal with these people in the first place. Family values is shorthand for ‘I am religious, therefore the rest of the community has to live, and be judged by my particular morals, and it is my right to censor anything that moves’.

    B) you have insulted a lot of men who were friends, and continue to be friends of mine.

    Have you so little experience of life that you know not of couples who know their spouse’s peccadillos, but continue to remain in the partnership?

    I can assure you that David Campbell’s bisexuality is by no means so ‘far out of the norm’ as you appear to think.

    I don’t wish to be rude, I really don’t. But you need badly to do a little growing-up. Also, a study of the word ‘tolerance’ wouldn’t go astray.

  147. Socratease

    @Glenn: So far that “very strong rumour” is down to just you. Care to point us to an alternative source?

    @Fiona: I don’t listen to That piece of shit Jones, but a mate does and I rang him tonight to ask that question. He laughed. Apparently Jones has a pretty good caller filtering system around him to ensure that callers don’t raise such unacceptable topics with him on air.

  148. mark hipgrave

    If, as Andrew Crook says ‘The minister’s private life had been an open secret in state government and media circles for years’ then why is the Premier expressing shock/horror/dismay/sadness/sympathy today??

    If she knew about Campbell’s proclivities and did nothing about it then she has no credibility in expressing any emotion when it all got out into the public arena

    If she didn’t know, then you gotta ask – what else doesn’t she know?

  149. Frank Campbell

    what a surprise. Media-political incestuousness yet again. They protect each other for years, until something snaps.

    It’s in the public interest to list conflicts of interest. Journos and politicians are always banging on about both, while maintaining a code of silence – conveniently excused as “privacy”.

    A police minister leading a double life? He claims he wasn’t blackmailed, but the point is he could have been.

  150. Fiona Katauskas

    Tom McLoughlin:

    To spend more time with his family

  151. Tom McLoughlin

    why exactly did he resign, pre emptively?

  152. Fiona Katauskas

    Does anyone know if Alan Jones actually tackled the issue? Surely he must have.

    Ah, the sweet, sweet irony of Gloria swingin’ her handbag of outrage over someone else leading a double life….

  153. Glenn

    I heard a very strong rumour that Adam Walters wasn’t there to catch anybody, he was well…….just there.

  154. Ram De

    This is what comes up on Sunrise Channel 7 if you search for David Campbell

    Search Results for ‘david campbell’
    Displaying 1 – 3 of about 3 results
    David Campbell performs livevideo
    David Campbell is live in Brekky Central to perform ‘Hello Dolly’.
    David Campbell performs ‘Keep on Running’video
    David Campbell performs ‘Keep on Running’ from his new album Keep on Lovin’.
    Broadway babyvideo
    David Campbell’s wife is expecting a new baby.


  155. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    There are ways around a filter, though full access to all content might cost you about $10 per month (to pay for a proxy server in an overseas country).

    Text based information will probably be easily accessible through proxy servers for free.

    The content that will be easiest to still access will be the illegal material. Almost all of this is slightly hidden, and thus once you are in the know of how to get it, it will remain trivial to access (and this will not cost anything).

    For example, my website hosts a forum. As administrator it is easy for me to set up a part of the forum which is only visible to a select group of forum members. In this private part of the forum it would be possible to post not just text, but photos and videos.

    Conroy has also said that only specific pages of sites will be banned. This must be a lie because many porn sites are constantly adding new content. Most of this would be rated M, R or X. But, because of Australia’s unique rules, some will be RC. It is almost certain that the filter will ban the whole website, and not just a few photos or videos.

    Several such sites appeared on the blacklists leaked by Wikipedia.

    So the filter will do nothing to stop kiddy porn or terrorist manuals. And it won’t stop those who know what to do accessing content. But for the many people who don’t know the tricks it will provide real censorship.

    Conroy, Hamilton, and the religious looneys have also made clear that anything that is rated RC is to them absolute filth that should be banned.

    What is worrying is that it is clear that these people think that lots of stuff which is not yet rated RC is also absolute filth that should be banned.

    If the filter is implemented it is certain that over time further content will be restricted.

    Remember that when it comes to sex, something such as oral sex between a married couple has been an illegal activity. The pendulum may swing a very long way to the right.

  156. Rena Zurawel

    Both, the article and the discussion speak volumes about ‘modern’ governance and modern journalism!
    Wouldn’t that be easier if all bisexuals come out? We would not have to kill messengers. Would be interesting how many bi-sex would be voted into the government.

    If Campbell’s wife and the NSW government knew he was bisexual, why should his children and friends all suffer? They must have known that, too. What is so embarrassing about having very sick wife, adult children being bisexual and attending all- sexual massage parlours?
    People in public life are under public scrutiny. No matter what any of those progressive prophets might think, politicians live off public purse. All we want to know whether their private fantasies are not being paid for by the public.

    I have never heard that Christian God punishes people with leprosy. Where did you get that from?

  157. Venise Alstergren

    I’d like to ask the experts here if my informant is correct; namely that all the latest IT technology can circumvent filters anyway?

    Personally I think it is yet another attack on what we used to call democracy. Political censorship of the very worst sort.

  158. klewso

    Off the subject as it may be, this is the same “Ch 7” “giving” us what is probably the biggest AFL game of the year half an hour before midnight.

  159. Jeremy Williams

    Its funny how all of these people, the premier etc assumed he lied to his wife. I used to live with a gay guy and plenty of his friends had pretend marriages that was understood by both parties. Sickening justification by Walters who made him god ?

  160. Venise Alstergren

    MICHAEL WILBUR-HAM: Absolutely correct. Under Rudd we have achieved the status of Oz-Taliban. This includes all the weird religious sects out there. ie Catholicism, all fundamentalist Christians, Scientology, is it the Ring of Fire-Steve Fielding’s mob? Seventh Day Adventists, Hill Song, the whatnot Brethren, and so on down the list.

    We have the Oz Taliban (the ultra-religious right-wing loonies) And the Muslim Taliban.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to outright war. With Oz fundamentalism facing Muslim fundamentalism. What an obscene thought!

  161. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    In another thread today my comment that Rudd was right-wing was attacked.

    This is how I ended up defending my claim …

    The average tax as a percentage of GDP for OECD countries is 36%.

    Australia’s is at 30.5 %

    (Figures from Wikipedia – thus not definitive, but a good start).

    Even though Australia has a much lower tax rate than most OECD countries, Rudd went to the last election promising tax CUTS (as did Howard).

    Isn’t this a very simple way of showing that compared to the OECD countries, Rudd is right-wing?

  162. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    Sorry, RC is the abbreviation of Refused Classification. As with most ratings (eg PG, M) it is usual not to spell this out (but I see the reason why I should have done so).

    Note that there are two types of RC. One is for content such as the movie Ken Park. This movie is RC, but in Victoria it is legal to own and to show in private. (It is illegal to sell, import, or show publicly.) So this RC content is sort of legal.

    The other type is things like kiddy porn which is illegal to have, and, rightly, having this can get you jailed.

    Conroy (and thus the Labor government) like to give people the impression that RC is just this illegal to own material.

    I actually did a quick evaluation of PC based internet filters when I worked at the Telstra Research Labs. NetNanny was next to useless, but there was one good product.

    The key to good parental supervision was that the good system had a log of activity. A parent who looked at this log would know what their kids were doing. (And if the filter had been bypassed this would show up as no activity.)

    It was unusual to get paid to search for porn and info on drugs. (I decided not to try to beat the filters looking for anything worse than this).

  163. Venise Alstergren


    You are all correct, but MICHAEL WILBUR-HAM comes the closest-IMHO-when he says.

    “This is not Howardsville, it is Ruddsville”.

    I tend to think it is both of them. It’s what happens when a populist type prime minister gets into power. As with many other countries Oz is undergoing a dramatic shift to the right. Also Kevin Rudd has got ‘religion’ and John Howard used the believers of ‘religion’ to appeal to the masses.

    As Basil Fawlty would have said. Cheough! Cheouf?

  164. zut alors

    I suspect Walters has tipped the scales on the entire profession so that journalists are now rated as odious as real estate agents.

  165. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    Howard did the sensible solution of providing internet filters to parents. I don’t recall him going into the election proposing a mandatory internet filter.

    Rudd went to the last election promising an opt-in kid safe option. Once elected, this changed until at one stage they really wanted to ban all x-rated content, and do this during the current term.

    What is a particular worry is that this makes clear that those who support the internet filter want to go much further than just what is currently RC.

    It is also noteworthy that Conroy made the promise recently that the filter would remain just RC content. But he did this just after Rudd had back-flipped over many other issues, including action on climate change.

    But Conroy (and the Rudd government) are even more devious, because Conroy knows perfectly well that to get the filter to block more all that he needs to do is declare that content Refused Classification.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this sort of change is not something that needs approval by parliament.

    It seems that the influence of the religious right is more of a threat to our freedoms under Rudd than it was under Howard.

  166. Liz45

    Michael Wilbur-Ham – Excuse me, but what does RC stand for? Restricted content? Roman Catholic? What exactly. I hate it when people ‘speak’ in initials, it’s rude! use the full words the first time, then abbreviate if you will.

    I don’t support Conroy’s actions – I don’t agree with censorship, but I do believe in parents supervising their kids while they’re on a computer or phone or??? I think there should be a govt education program, advising parents not to put personal computers in their kids bedrooms; or allow kids to use laptops away from any scrutiny/protection of their parents. It’s just dumb, and has proved to be tragic! Don’t put TV’s in there either. Encourage the kids to read instead or converse with family members or?

  167. Mobius Ecko

    All things Howard was espousing and the censorship of the web was based on Howard proposed policy.

    But a very poor “look over there, Rudd” MWH.

  168. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    This is not Howardsville. We have moved on.

    As well as banning gay marriage, abysmal treatment of asylum seekers, etc etc

    we have an attempt at banning all x-rated content on the web (which is now RC content – but who knows what might will be added next to the RC category), and we now have a customs service that enquires about carrying porn.

    This is not Howadsville, it is Ruddsville.

  169. Liz45

    VENISE – Yes, it’s true about the NSW govt, and prior to that time, when David Campbell was Mayor of Wollongong! As a person living in an adjoining city, I’m certainly pretty angry with the NSW govt. But that doesn’t excuse this behaviour, and I can’t understand why some people can’t differentiate. Just because the govt is on the nose, and Campbell wasn’t a good minister doesn’t excuse the behaviour of the ch7 person – won’t call him a journalist!

    I’ve also read on another site, that Adam Walters has an issue with the fly on his own trousers?????

  170. Mobius Ecko

    Channel 7 News tonight is throwing it back onto the Premier as a way of justifying the way they have handled the story. Several times they threw to her statement of ‘appalling’.

    The other line they are heavily promoting is that his sex life left him open to corruption and that is also a reason to break the story the way they did.

    You see Channel 7 were protecting the good citizens of NSW.

    Sorry 7 you really have lost me as a viewer of what you laughingly describe as credible news.

  171. shepherdmarilyn

    Venise, we are still living in Howardsville I am afraid, it might take another decade to get out of it.

  172. Venise Alstergren

    It is grotesque that this David Campbell NSW politician was not forced to resign on his record-or lack thereof- as a state parliamentarian.

    The media vultures had to attack a man, a man who was known to be bisexual, and accepted as such, a man with a wife who is desperately sick.

    His wife would have known him to be bisexual. So what was the big deal? By descending to gutter level, if one can find a gutter lower than the one inhabited by the gutter press, Adam Walters has now made sure Campbell’s children and friends all suffer in what appears to be a fit of malicious sluttiness.

    What is wrong with this country? We used to be bigger than this

    It’s the sort of thing which makes me wish I was a Christian, just so I could switch to Atheism in protest.

    If there was a God he would make sure Adam Walters gets leprosy.

  173. Socratease

    ^ Yep, plenty of people wanted to know why “I have absolute confidence in the work that I was doing that day” Campbell wasn’t called to account for not being front and centre on that day.

    The sad fact is that the dregs of NSW Labor are so deficient of talent that Keneally (with the appropriate permission of her puppet masters) couldn’t have sacked Campbell even if she wanted to.

  174. Glenn

    They’ll all muppets, notice lately how no politician state or federal is worth a pinch of goat sh*t ?

  175. Stevo the Working Twistie

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of our society that we had to wait for a gay sex scandal to get rid of the guy. Why couldn’t we just get rid of him because he is a muppet? Where he was during the Great Traffic Jam of 2010 is not even the issue. If the processes had been set up properly it wouldn’t have mattered if Campbell was getting a Back, Crack & Sack on Oxford Street at the time.

  176. Socratease

    From the SMH: “The one page of phone records show that between 5.51pm and 6.33pm Mr Campbell was at his ministerial office in Farrer Place, in central Sydney.
    Calls were then made between 6.41 and 10.14 from his Potts Point apartment in Sydney’s east.”

    This answers nothing.

    The crash occurred at 11.40am and traffic was snarled for the next 8 hours. What we want to know is where Campbell was for 6 of those 8 hours between 11.40am and 5.51 pm.

  177. Liz45

    JBJ – My point was, that in my view, there’s no comparison to these instances. I was disgusted by Busell’s behaviour to women – he hasn’t done anything to make me change my mind. He agreed that his behaviour was grotty. Campbell’s situation is not even remotedly the same. You think I’m a hypocrite, OK – I don’t! You apparently also believe in being very selective in what section of my comment you quoted from – you know damn well what I was referring to. I don’t give a toss if he and a Greens person have an affair – he lied about govt monies etc. I still didn’t think he was a grot for that, but his earlier behaviour – he shouldn’t have been allowed back on the front bench. Just goes to show what the Premier’s attitude to women is too! And yours?

    ELAN – Phone records have apparently shown, that Campbell was either at work or at his apartment in Sydney ringing media outlets and RTA people about the accident that day – he was not ‘out on the town’?

  178. Socratease

    Campbell’s whereabouts during the F3 fiasco has yet to be revealed. His pathetic attempt to dodge that question in parliament has opened him up to the type of scrutiny that, as a highly paid minster, he rightly deserves.

  179. Catherine Bannister

    You know what I love about Australia? We have a gay sex scandal, and everyone knows the bad guy is the one who reported it! Imagine the sort of press he’d get in America. I’ve got to say, Kristina Keneally’s good too, asking for compassion. Hope she survives the election, whatever happens.

  180. Elan

    I wondered why I don’t have the same reaction to this as I did to the allegations against the default SA State Premier Rann.

    Then I realised. Campbell admitted (whether sooner OR later) this. Rann has consistently denied any misdemeanor.

    Which of course could be the truth…………..

    Campbell and his family can now deal with this. And no one else.

    ( However IF Campbell was indulging himself in matters not relating to office on the day of the traffic snag-if?- ; then it did impact on his office).

  181. JBG

    The point was you are a hypocrite.

  182. Liz45

    JBJ – I was not referring to his affair when I called Troy Buswell a “grotty little man”? It was his ‘chair sniffing’ that disgusted me. He also admitted to not being honest about his revealing of spending tax payers dollars – no such accusations of any kind, either via his use of his car has been made against David Campbell. I’ve also not heard of him behaving in this disgusting manner to a female or male member of his govt.

    What’s not grotty about Buswell’s behaviour? You think ‘chair sniffing’ the seat of a female colleague OK do you, or snapping another woman’s bra strap OK too? – one action was grotty, the other was an assault? Then he lied!Says more about you than anything I might say!


  183. JBG

    @LIZ45 – you said: “I agree with all the above except 2bob! Who set him up as the decider of peoples’ morals or otherwise”.
    Yet when it was Troy Buswell in hot water over an affair you were very quick to be the “decider of peoples’ morals”:
    “What a grotty little man?(sorry fellas) he is!”
    “I defy anyone to support this grub, or feel sorry for him”


  184. Michael Wilbur-Ham


    A few of the above comments suggest to me that what is being said on commercial radio might be rather different than what was said on the ABC.

  185. Andersson

    Should we now do a little expose’ on this Walters guy ? Citizen journalists unite.

  186. Liz45

    @MIKE – Couldn’t agree more! Isn’t it heartening to read these messages, and I’ve also been listening to the ABC radio – the majority think the same as those here. Makes me feel that we have grown up!

    You know what else bugs me? Someone will speak of another person, and then say, ‘he/she is gay you know’? I could scream! They don’t do it re heterosexual people! ‘And that’s relevant because…..?’ is usually my response. I’m heterosexual too, what has that got to do with anything is another response!

  187. mike


    @@@@@ neither you nor I know anything about the details of Campbell’s relationship with his wife. Why do you feel so free to comment and judge?@@@@@

    As an athiest you sure do impress me.

    As someone who sometimes has their head in the sky, I would rather spend an eternity with athiests like you, than spend one single moment with goody – two – shoe – hypocrite – religionists who judge without knowing either context or circumstances that effect peoples lives in what they do….and I am proudly heterosexual.

  188. jimbot

    Lets not forget the Peter Meakin who ultimately handled this nearly killed 2 policeman as he tried to evade a RBT unit. They actually had to jump off the road and consequently he is a bonafide and proven criminal unlike David Campbell.

    What scum would surface if people started to delve into the lives of these moral crusaders. I challenge another news source to go out and get some juice on Meakin and Walters, just another couple of dirty crooks prowling Sydney looking for their own gratification. I doubt any reporters have the courage to report on real scumbags lest they put themselves on the line. Pathetic.

  189. thedukeofmadness

    This whole thing trumps gutter journalism.

    It’s sewer journalism.

  190. LJKH

    What a shame The Chaser isn’t about these days, I can just see Chas stalking Adam Walters; ruffling through his garbage at night, having an irate Walters calling the cops in his no doubt very butch jim jams….

  191. Liz45

    I agree with all the above except 2bob! Who set him up as the decider of peoples’ morals or otherwise. Why didn’t David Campbell feel comfortable to ‘come out’ before? As to the reference to family values? There are lots of different families – they include gays, straights, surrogate, etc – it’s just a nonsense. I’m not a fan of this govt or even David Campbell, but I think what this revolting person from ch7 did was shameful, at best! He has my sympathy and understanding! Kristina Keneally had no right to make the comment she did either – chastising him like a child?

  192. Gary Johnson


    ((((Are lying politicians who are homosexual protected by a conspiracy within the media?))))

    Like any other politician who got the skeletons in the closet they are protected UNTIL THEY STOP DANCING TO THE TUNE.

    His homosexuality probably had nothing to do with it other than the convenient pretext. If you dig deeper you will find his use by date was up or he suddenly developed a bout of single mindedness….something the BigEnd of town and their minions hate.

  193. Peter Wotton

    The really disgusting factor in this, is the way his private life has been slathered all over the media over something which has no bearing on the way he has carried out his public duties as a minister. You could say he deserves to go because he had been a failure as Transport Minister ( ie F3 closure etc) but Transport has been a poisoned chalice in NSW for a long time.

    Was the “reporter ” who discovered this event the same person who was “enjoying” Minister Reba Meagher’s company while her government driver was left sleeping over night in her government car. But I suppose that does not matter when you grub through other people’s lives.

  194. Glenn

    Ch 7 scumbags, hope they enjoyed, hurting this blokes family.

    I thnk this will impact on 7 as much as Campbell, a lot of people are disgusted in their behaviour.

  195. peter gower

    after reading all that, I think I need a cigarette …hahaha comedy gold

  196. Bela

    Why don’t members of the public just take a leaf out of the Channel 7 book and start stalking who we want to for whatever reason?

    Let’s start with the owner of the network – Kerry Stokes – after all he is nominally a public figure, and a more important one than the hapless David Campbell. Do we think maybe Kerry has anything to be concerned about? Don’t know but I bet he would hate to let anyone with a camera try to find out!

    After that we can move on to the other executives. Seriously, if this started to happen, the gutter trawling on the commercial channels would either soon stop, or alternatively all of us would be trapped forever in some kind of awful, Orwellian reality TV show where the only question was when, not if, we would be publicly humiliated.

    What a crap world we are creating for ourselves.

  197. comet

    A Witchhunt.

    For anyone who ever went to a brothel, a gay venue, or slept with someone they shouldn’t have.

    Channel 7 has really stooped to new lows. All from a journalist who sleeps with ministers he reports on, and a news director who is a serial drunk driver.

  198. Socratease

    Koch flogged Walters with a wet lettuce leaf.

    Any politician, especially a minister, who engages in covert and potentially scandalous activity of any sort is ripe for blackmail or corrupt manipulation of one sort or another and the media is correct to tell the public about it.

  199. gerard

    Two BOB:
    Are you for real, or having 2 bob each way?

  200. kv2577

    Why are we calling David Campbell, bisexual, only Mr Campbell can say what his sexuality is and who cares. He might just be a straight man who likes to have sex with men.

  201. SBH

    Twobob, neither you nor I know anything about the details of Campbell’s relationship with his wife. Why do you feel so free to comment and judge?

    johnfromplanetearth you are absolutely right.

  202. Michael Wilbur-Ham

    I think that a politician’s private life should remain private unless it conflicts with his political stance and actions.

    So the outing of Campbell is wrong.

    Under the Rudd government, fetish porn is refused classification. Even something as mild as spanking is banned.

    Thus, any Rudd minister who engages in any fetish activity has a conflict between their political stance and their private life, and this brings their private life legitimately into the public area.

    I look forward to the media outing any politician who supports fetish being banned but engages in any such activity :=)

  203. kv2577

    So much for miss using ministerial cars it is alleged that while Adam Walter’s was dating Reba Meagher, Ms Meagher’s driver was forced to spend the night sleeping in the garage of Governor Macquarie Tower after she forgot to tell him she was taking a cab home – with Mr Walters – after an evening at the Ivy bar. So much for double standards !!! Brisbane Time 6 September 2009

  204. shepherdmarilyn

    2bob, you are really 2 bob short of a quid mate. Who cares if the man is bisexual? I don’t.

  205. Johnfromplanetearth

    It’s sleazy journalism more than sleazy behaviour.

  206. twobob

    I have big problems with a minister who can lead such a duplicitous life. Be gay if you like but to be gay and be married with children is something entirely different.
    If Campbell can be so thoughtless or indifferent as to hurt and embarrass his wife and adult children like this he is not fit for public office. My reasoning is that if you do that to people that you love (or at least should love) what would you do to people that you don’t.
    Walters might have done this for not so noble reasons and I also hope there is a place in Hell reserved for such people but again unsaid through this is the fact that his homosexual behaviour was well known amongst the press. The fact that he was outed supposedly for inappropriate use of his car as opposed to being outed for the fact that he was pretending to be a family man speaks volumes.
    Are lying politicians who are homosexual protected by a conspiracy within the media? Given the circumstances here it would appear that they are, and that is contemptible because a persons sexual orientation should not have any bearing at all upon what the pubic is told. But it does obviously.

  207. John L

    Shame on the Media and paparazzi. Poor Mr C and his wife.

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