The bullies in a one paper town

University of Queensland journalism professor Michael Bromley says the state’s monopolistic environment — dominated at local council level by the country’s most powerful mayor, and News titles including the Gold Coast Bulletin, Townsville Bulletin and a slew of local freebies — breeds bullies.

“It’s a state of ones, it’s a state of a lack of competition,” he told Crikey. “It’s intrinsic that when you have a lack of competition, a lack of alternative voices, a lack of diversity, the temptation is always to push your weight around. It would be an exceptional editor to reign in that situation.”

That culture is rife at News Limited, Bromley believes. Editors are selected — “not necessarily on a rational basis” — and remain in the job because they share the ethos and deliver results. “If Rupert Murdoch was running The Courier Mail I don’t think it would be run much differently,” he said.

And, perhaps most worryingly, “not many Queenslanders baulk at it”.

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  1. And, perhaps most worryingly, “not many Queenslanders baulk at it”

    when your choice of what to put under the dogfood bowl is this limited, baulk is the last thing on your mind. Bulk and water absorption maybe.

    News Ltd did a very successful 5+ year campaign of subscription via the local newso. We went up a penny-a-month for years before we got even close to full cover normal price. They won the circulation war AND kept it home delivery. (mind you, my lie-sheet is the Australian)

    So “baulk” has to be taken in the context of: 1) you can’t walk with your feet when there is no real local alternative 2) its delivery not purchase daily

    Lastly, can I say what delight it is to have a tasteful smattering of news inserted in between my adverts. I delight at how few news items I have to look at before concentrating on the latest dinette set, discount brazilian wax offer or rentovision deal of the day. -And with the sarcasm knob turned down, you have to admit that its a new low for Rupert when the freesheet local rags have MORE news per page than his paywall headline newspaper in Brisbane. Go Rupe!

    by ggm on Mar 19, 2010 at 2:08 pm

  2. With the results of that study, this week re “PR”, what about these media companies that actually function as scantily disguised PR companies, to further the cause(s) of the interests in which “they” have an interest, from their often unique, or near enough, position in the community? A position “bequeathed” by a “thankful” previous federal government?
    Funny reading David Fagan’s views on “the roll of PR in the media”, Tuesday’s Crikey; considering the paper’s, he edits, various high profile PR campaigns like “viva free trade/market forces - for others”, “Right to know - for others”, “bullying - for others”.
    And let’s not forget their less overt campaign, in the difference in the way his paper habitually querulously treats “Labor” against their selectively amnesiac, sanguine acquiescence in the way they treat “their” Coal-ition.
    Being “captive” to and partaking of the only Qld paper is like being a part of Nicole Kidman’s “The Others”!
    “Examples”? The selective way embarrassing aspects of Labor are brought to the light with alacrity, against the way it hides Coal-ition “warts” (Abbott’s “Parental Leave Plan” didn’t “rate” mention for nigh a week).
    The lack of any number of contradictions of Abbott’s utterances, past to present, or the parties own “promises record” while sustaining fire on “Rudd’s”!
    Look at this weeks “Get to Know Wyatt Roy - Coal-ition Candidate for Longman - Campaign” : three days, three half page+ spreads, with pics. How much would that have cost any other advertiser, on their “open market”? And that followed two editorials in the week before the last election, devoted to pimping two individual candidates (Brough and Boswell) to their constituents. Has any such largess been extended to Labor individuals?
    All to persuade voters to “a certain end” - “Murdoch’s”! “Butt take a number.”

    by klewso on Mar 19, 2010 at 2:24 pm

  3. These political biases and scrums are a sideshow. Fagan or whoever is the editor is not the issue. Absolute power like this can have no other result. It all tracks back to the grandfathering of The CM monopoly in Brisbane when News shifted offshore — to Delaware, US. That was went the public interest should have been asserted and News should have been forced to dispose of one of its two paper in Brisbane, obviously it would have meant them selling the CM.

    But the people get the media and politicians they deserve. It is decades since I read the CM. I simply refuse to ever buy either The Australian or the CM. Anyone who buys them and then complains about them should shut up and simply exercise their consumer power. Of course it doesn’t help that Fairfax have been so feeble in providing an alternative.

    by Michael R James on Mar 19, 2010 at 3:04 pm

  4. Klewso
    If the courier is biased then the Oz is off the planet it may as well be a liberal PR machine
    My feeling is that Campbell is a mischief making control freak - I’m not defending the courier mail by the way
    The easy run Campbell gets on 4bc is incredible its like he is mates with the presenters

    by Jeremy Williams on Mar 19, 2010 at 8:41 pm

  5. Jeremy
    Of course Newman comes across as a control freak.
    And while opposites attract, similarities repel, and the town’s not big enough for three - against “Murdoch”, the difference is, Newman and Rudd are “elected”!
    That’s what “owning the media” seems to amount to, selling “your party” to the public and never having to say you’re sorry, or face voters!

    And besides Newman can be used as the “Curiouser-Mail’s” “token conservative whipping boy, an example of how they’re not really biased” - “look at how we treat Nooman”!

    by klewso on Mar 20, 2010 at 9:50 am

  6. Newman has been having trouble with one reporter for years. It is well known and has been reported in the press up here. She was assigned to local politics by a local media organization and despite repeated requests was not replaced.

    The Brisbane Times website has been getting more newsy with frequent updates on breaking stories.

    Brisbane needs a second newspaper.

    by Brizben on Mar 21, 2010 at 11:55 am

  7. Have to call bullshit here Jason. Not on the “one paper town” argument, but the idea that the editorial in question was just part of wider bullying tactics by the Courier Mail.
    Council has form - as you mention, noted previously on Media Watch - and to ignore that here in favour of taking largely unrelated swings at the Courier Mail is letting council off the hook far too easily.

    This the kind of “positive coverage” Newman demands, and inexplicably gets, on Clem7. Not exactly a credible alternative being offered by Fairfax here.

    “The crowd abounded with families with children in strollers, couples arm-in-arm and the elderly who had only ever dreamed of such a magnificent construction in their city.

    As visitors emerged from the dimness of the tunnel, they marvelled at the enormity of the project and beamed with pride that they had been a part of such a memorable occasion.”

    Demands from Newman’s office about positive/negative coverage are not limited to the Courier Mail, but Brisbane Times remain the go-to guys for soft treatment.

    by dearley on Mar 22, 2010 at 11:55 am

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