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Treat yourself to the guilty pleasure of Gossip Girl


I knew one day it would come to this. The Daily Proposition well would run temporarily dry and I would be forced to write about one of my favourite TV Shows and guiltiest pleasures: Gossip Girl.

From Josh Schwartz, creator of The OC, this series is, just like its predecessor, all glamorous teen angst. But there’s something about transferring a show from sunny Orange County to New York. You get bite, wit and better fashion.

The basic plot line runs a bit like 90210. The middle-class kids who live in Brooklyn, Dan and Jenny, trying to make it in the snooty private Upper East-Side Manhattan school. Like Brenda and Brandon before them, they soon discover it’s the rich kids with the real problems (you know the drill, drug abuse, daddy issues, parents committing fraud).

While the show’s ostensible leads are writer wannabe Dan and messed-up rich bombshell Serena, forget ‘em; this show is all about Blair and Chuck. The Beatrice and Benedict of our tale. The best friends who spar with words and games, desperately fighting their s-xual tension — for the sake of each other (and the show).

Dressed like a preppy Alice in Wonderland, Blair Waldorf (cracking name that) is the school’s Queen B, the girl who dominates the hallway, making other girls’ lives miserable. But at home,  all she really wants is for her designer mum to like her — and for her dad to return from France after he moved there with his male model lover. Chuck Bass is Don Juan with better outfits, a plumper bank account and a great set of one-liners. Oh and they’re all 16. Supposedly.

It was because of Gossip Girl that I banned myself from TV for a month (except for ABC News and Kerry O’Brien), having gorged myself and regretted it in the morning. If you want can’t-stop-watching-it TV, Gossip Girl is the ticket. At least it was for me, you might be WAY cooler.

The details: Season 3 of GG is now on Fox 8 apparently. The DVD box sets are available from lots of places.