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Jan 22, 2010

Oz day spoiler: ABC leaks Hottest 100 victor

Ooops: the ABC has inadvertently leaked the winner of its popular annual poll on the ABC Shop website. Look away now if you don't want to ruin your Australia Day BBQ.

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Sorry to ruin your Triple J Hottest 100 BBQs folks, but it seems the ABC has inadvertently leaked the winner of its popular annual poll on the ABC Shop website.

The spiel promotes the February edition of its flagship JMag rag. Look away now if you don’t want to know which UK nu-folk quartet emerges triumphant.


Crikey left a message for Triple J Marketing Coordinator Gerry Bull just before deadline, but we didn’t hear back.

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52 thoughts on “Oz day spoiler: ABC leaks Hottest 100 victor

  1. dang!
    that ruins “bogan day” at my local beach

    really mumble and sons. Sure its a fine toon but what ever has become of 2JJ that a folk song won (again). Sounds like the crew at babyboomer sydney 702 are running the show. -time to pronounce a media jihad on baby boomer tastes..

    saving my soft flesh on my pectoral muscle for my southern cross tattoo for another year

  2. The second divine female folkie for the year died this week. Mary Travers and Kate McGarrigle were two of the very best for decades.

    I bet none of the people in this year’s 100 will have sung at the March on Washington in 1963 when Martin Luther King gave “that” speech, but Mary Travers did.

  3. Out of our 3 choices, I was going to call Hilltop Hoods – Chase the feeling, Muse – Uprising and Lily Allen – It’s not fair. With the BDO fast approaching and these artists featuring I figured it was worth a good shot. Now I’ve got the inside lane!

  4. Who still listens to the Triple J Hottest 100?

    What a crapfest.

    Who still listens to Triple J, besides single and balding gamers and 35-something male Crikey commenters?

  5. Who listens to triple j? Are you serious? People who don’t want to listen to fabricated commercial shite. You know, interesting people.

    Most Peculiar Mama, when was the last time you actually listened to the j’s? When was the last time you discovered a kickass track by a new band and danced around your bedroom? And then jumped online to find out where you could go and see the band?

    Triple J supports local, live music. If you don’t listen to it, who are you to judge?

    Go back to hamish & andy.

  6. MPM , you sound like a very old grumpy liberal voter. “Turn down that music, its too loud ” sound familar ? JJJ is for the young and young at heart, go back to am radio. Try [Mod: comment moderated. Play nice folks.] sydney radio(alan jones), more your type of howard loving folk.

  7. @troy
    I listen to lots of different stations. Triple R down in melbs in awesome, for example.

    I like variety, and i like the promotion of local music. Simple as that.

  8. Most Peculiar Mama – pipe down, I read enough of your hating under the story about the Tote closing down. If hate youth culture so much then stop reading articles about it.

  9. @marney

    “…If hate youth culture so much then stop reading articles about it…”

    iPods and shit new talent killed radio.

    And looking at the Triple J Hottest 100 of all time I’d hardly call JJJ a yoof station…but if you want to believe that good for you.

    @Nadine Maclean

    “…Triple J supports local, live music. If you don’t listen to it, who are you to judge?…”

    With taxpayer dollars. Real community radio relies on listeners contribs. How much do you support them each year?

    @ harrybelbarry

    You got me. How’d you get to be so clever? You must be a mate of TwoBits.

  10. @Most Peculiar Mama

    You are clearly infuriated by Australia’s popular music culture. Do yourself a favour and sell your computer, your tv, your phone, your CD’s (or vinyl) and any other technology you own, go live in a cabin in the woods and leave us alone. I’m sure you’d be a much happier person.

  11. @artpepper1

    “…What radio station and what type of music do sophisticates like yourself listen to?

    Ignoring the patronising characterisation, I’ll tell you I gave up on commercial radio a long, long time ago.

    Why? It’s a dead medium. Crap unfunny jocks; crap formats and above all crap music.

    All up and down the dial.

    Aside from selected community radio shows, Internet radio provides me with all the ear candy I need.

    At home; in the car; anywhere…anytime. My choice

    Millions of radio stations, all in the palm of my hand.

    I suggest you check it out.

  12. @marney

    “…You are clearly infuriated by Australia’s popular music culture…”

    A stupid and baseless comment.

    There’s a bigger world beyond this country dear.

    I suggest you seek it out.

  13. @MPM

    Enriching Australian culture through the Arts is absolutely how i want my tax dollars being spent.

    Better than bombing Afghanis.

    FYI – who do you consider ‘shit new talent’?

  14. “…FYI (???)- who do you consider ‘shit new talent’?…”

    Where does one start. The entire ARIA chart?

    How about Ke$ha and work back from there.

    Or is she not eligible because edgy yoof stations like JJJ would never play such commercial pap; only the ‘cool’ stuff, ‘edgy’ fun people like you listen too?

    The music industry is a business; it’s there to make money.

    Creativity runs a very distant second.

  15. @marney

    “…@ MPM Oh, so your infuriated by the whole world’s popular music culture, forgive me…”

    One more and you’ve got a straight flush.


  16. I like a list with personality, where a definite stance is taken on the type of music listed. hottest one hundred is very dull listening, and although I have never listened to it on the radio, i can imagine you would also be hearing a lot of moronic commercial banter. if that’s your cup of tea, knock yourself out.

  17. “…BTW, you still didn’t say what sort of music you listen to. How about some examples?…”

    Everything and anything. Depends on my mood.

    I am open to everything, even the stuff that is yet to be written.

    Maybe even some of the stuff YOU like.

    Sadly the art of live peformance is being swallowed up by venues who think I want to listen to some wiggah scratch ‘toons’ out from his iPod.

    They do ’cause he’s cheap. Talent is event a consideration. Meanwhile a million left-handed motherfuckin’ genius guitarists play to the mirror in their bedroom instead of in front of an audience where they belong.

    Nothing competes with the sweaty, sticky carpet goodness of a good live band…never has, never will.

    Or the 4AM souvlaki with extra sauce after the gig.

    Until of course they shut all the venues down.

  18. MPM really shows its pain with this derailing – more posts by it (and more verbiage though that’s per usual) than all others combined.
    “Wot a drag it is, gettin’ OLD!!!!”

  19. i listen to triple j because well i don’t have access to internet radio in my car and it’s the best of a very bad bunch. JJJ is just like any other crappy commercial station, they happen to play different shit to slightly more pathetic stations but the material is equally bland and repetitive, although i do enjoy some of the segments they play late at night such as Sound Lab.
    MPM – i’m on your side. you may be a little more heated about it than i am but it’s true. Triple J is just like any other station, especially their prime time programs and the sooner JJJ listeners realise this the sooner they can pull their heads out of their asses and stop thinking they’re so cool and indie

  20. haha. That is such a funny story. If any one really cares anyway. Maybe they do, who knows.
    I remember when the hottest hundred was born and it all seemed to matter, as Love will Tear Us Apart found it’s rightful place back in ’89.
    But I mean, did this poll ever really matter since the year that Tim Freedman sat on his computer all night/accessed it at every opportunity to vote over and over and over and over and…you get the oicture, to ensure No Aphrodisiac won the 1997 poll (True story)…

  21. @mpm

    have you actually listened to anything that is on the aria charts at the moment? there’s heaps of great music if you take the time to look. i challenge you not to shake your ass to the black eyed peas ‘i gotta feeling’ – beware, you may even have fun!

    of course the music industry is a business. it’s an industry

    but music is not about business.

    music is fun.

  22. @plonk clearly there would be no commercial banter as triple j is a non commercial radio station supported by the 8c a day that tax payers pay the abc.

    Off topic, hey @crikey web masters, could you make it any more harder to post comments using a mobile browser, needing to register when i could use a word press account and that password you email out is utter shit, couldnt you let us pick our own off the bat at least? Try entering it in on a mobile while you cant even have it open in another window…

  23. who still listens to triple J? well, lots of people in regional australia who don’t have great community radio available to them. As a radio producer and presenter I stopped listening to triple J as soon as I discovered the true brilliance of Triple R and PBS in Melbourne. Of course I didn’t have those options on the south coast of NSW.

  24. Settle down you lot. Its only a radio station. Personally I am a j’s listener, where I live I have no choice. We only get the j’s, the ABC and a local AM station belting out the best of the 60s and 70s. As for internet radio, crikey it took me ten minutes to download this page. (I recently asked a Telstra bloke when we were getting broadband and he laughed and said ‘you lot only just got star ten hash’). Anyway I love the j’s but at the end of the day I believe in a person’s right to listen to whatever the hell they want without being judged by others.

  25. Who still listens to triple J? Hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy the music and programming provided by triple J. Some people are determined to dislike anything that is enjoyed by many other people, regardless of merit. They will only enjoy music, film, literature and arts which are truly ‘underground’ or not recognised in the mainstream. This is a terribly small mindset and at its core stems from ego and pretentiousness. Sure triple j dont cover the full gamut of quality music that is out there, but thats because it is a youth station. The music they do play is of excellent variety and quality. They are an important and unique national radio station, and without them Australia would be missing a jewel in its radio crown.

  26. So is Crikey a tabloid now! Seeking cheap publicity by leaking this info. You didn’t have to leak it, but it seems by doing so you’ve made some headlines around the country. Very much a tabloid thing to do.

  27. does this site not have some sort of moderator? how can harrybelbarry get away with calling Alan Jones a [Mod. comment deleted] as though that’s what’s offensive about him, not his views and the manne in which he conducts his show. it’s very disapponting to see homophobia perpetrated on Crikey. you should be ashamed harrybelbarry.

    [Moderators note: we absolutely do not encourage homophobic comments on Crikey. Unfortunately sometimes things slip through the safety net. Thanks for drawing our attention to it. It has been moderated. ]

  28. Unfortunately too many, EMC.

    I call for a collective boycott. Just pretend she’s not there and eventually she’ll get bored and bugger back off to Andrew Bolt’s blog.

  29. Ern’sCat & Chind – agreed. Most had stopped feeding that troll last year but over the break some new, good hearted, people seemed to think that it could be reasoned with. They rapidly realised it ain’t so.
    I believe that it uses several different names (the ‘style’ is easily discernible) so, on detection, DO NOT FEED.

  30. Well, a good friend of mine told me the NO.1 was leaked, I flat out told her if she spoiled my day i would be VERY disappointed.
    I was hoping for Florence to hit NO1(knew it wouldn’t), my next choice was little lion man, yayayayayayyayaayayayayayyayayya. I’m very happy with the result and the 1st year i got it right

    HEY MOST PECULAR MAMA (or what ever the f you call yourself), you are the crap fest, why are u joining this discussion if it is a ‘crap fest’ go back to yor crev. u r an effing dik. by by