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Dec 19, 2008

Robert Mugabe: The Golden Arsehat winner for 2008's most appalling person

Well yes, obviously Belinda Neal was strong competition. And Troy Buswell.


Well yes, obviously Belinda Neal was strong competition. And Troy Buswell. A lot of you wanted Andrew Bolt, George Bush, John Howard, Brendan Nelson … the usual suspects. But a clear majority opted for vast, deluded evil over the more mundane catalogue of drunken foolishness and public misbehaviour. It’s not every senile dictator that can bring a once proud and prosperous nation to its knees in a mire of disease, economic collapse and corruption. Certainly achievements beyond the wit of say, a Bolt or a Howard. Robert Mugabe, come on down.  

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3 thoughts on “Robert Mugabe: The Golden Arsehat winner for 2008’s most appalling person

  1. maria moya

    Think a little and you will realise that the mugabe bashing is just a way of holding onto the most important resource of all LAND. We have seen that certain powerful media are very good at twisting the story so that gullible individuals become emotional about a so called tyrant without questioning the real motives.

    Read the Zimbabwe democracy bill and the like – it is about starving the people, NO worse, making sure that they cannot do anything but wait for someone to give them handouts.

  2. David

    If only there had been a vigilante out there with Mugabes name on a golden bullett, just one bullet between the eyes. That would have been a true act of heroism to rid the world of of a despot and earned the doer of the deed a medal, a small fortune and the thanks of a downtrodden country. That such evil still exists and is allowed to exist despite the mouthing gutless African nations and the supposed protectors of the poor, the sick and the hungry ,the useless United Nations, reflects on the civilised world shamefully.

  3. WR

    David, you may be surprised that there was a large and bloody civil war fought in zimbabwe and that mugabe was a target for a good many years. Wikipedia, as always, is a good starting point

    I have no doubt that there are a few rhodesians out there in australia who may have once or may still agree with you. That said, from those that i know outside the country there is a cathartic feeling that they’ve made their break from Zimbabwe; it can’t do them anymore damage and that they’ve started afresh in australia, south africa, england, new zealand or elsewhere. Issues of racism aside, for many of them they’ve left the country behind and aren’t interested in going back as the country disintegrates under a government they fought against.

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