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Election date is waiting on Australia Post

If you believe in the power of advertising you will realise why there is absolutely no chance of Prime Minister John Howard calling an election for two or three weeks yet. The Government has tens of millions of dollars of tax payer funded advertising booked and ready to go.

Last night’s commercial television advertising breaks were chock-a-block with Government advertising. People were told how the employment ombudsman was available to assist any workers who felt hard done by under the WorkChoices legislation. The message on preventing children from the evil of pornography on the internet spread by an Australia Post booklet delivery to every household was reinforced.

This week the postmen will be active distributing the good word on Government actions to deal with the problem of climate change. Once again every household in the nation will be receiving a lovely colour brochure. Television advertisements supporting the message of a concerned and active administration will blitz the television screens.

Mr Howard is not going to miss out on the image making potential of these massive campaigns so all the calls by Labor for the election to be called immediately are a waste of words. The best the Opposition can do is keep drawing attention to the waste of taxpayer dollars involved in all the advertising campaigns.