Annita Keating – a furious scorned woman

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In marriage it takes two to tango and rarely is one person at fault

when it all goes pear-shaped, so there is something quite distasteful

about Annita Keating viciously dumping all over her husband in The


However, after six years of separation, Crikey’s resident family law

expert (having carefully read every word in The Bulletin) believes

Annita has shown a limited understanding of the break down of her own

marriage. It is either that, or she is simply going all out to hurt her

ex-husband which shows that she isn’t really over it as she claims.

We’d like to think it’s the former. There is no way this marriage came

to an end by Paul’s “stabbing” words to Annita that “the marriage was

over” at a dinner party. A 23-year-old marriage doesn’t end that way.

And Annita, were they private words to you? Or did Paul announce them

to a party of twenty? We suspect the former. Funny how you spare us the

details. Maybe you would like us to think the worst of Paul and a

Packer outlet is never going to do your husband any favours?

If you are going to effectively dump on your husband and call him a

callous, image-obsessed liar, why won’t you give the reasons that Paul

allegedly gave for the marriage break-up. When pressed by Byrne about

why he “left”, she only offers up the following: “Ask him. I don’t

know, why did he? I know really but I won’t say.”

After the “stabbing” words in Canberra, Annita moved to Woollahra and

commented to Jennifer Byrne “My marriage was really over before I moved

in here; he never moved our collection or anything…”

By moving to Sydney, they were clearly still trying to make the

marriage work. Paul’s stabbing words were not final and unilateral.

We’re sure Anita had a few words of her own to say on the matter and

she hints at this with talk of doing her own thing.

If Keating is such a mongrel, how is it that they are still not

divorced and Annita has use of the two multi-million dollar residences

(Woollahra and the old John Laws place on the Hawksbury) that the

piggery dealings paid for. Not bad for a hostie.

And what about Annita being “fearful” of Paul? We don’t think so. Read

the full Bulletin piece in context and she was “fearful” of making a

public blunder and damaging her husband’s image. The poor command of

the English language was on full display in The Bulletin. Jennifer

Byrne pushed Annita on this point and poor Annita couldn’t help but

stab Paul in the back in this disgracefully evasive way:

Byrne writes, “Later, I ask directly if she means it was Paul she was

frightened of. “Well, I think in a way I was, yeah, looking back.” Why?

Consequences, I suppose.” Can you explain? “I think that says enough.

You know, the way he was - you were frightened to do, in his eyes, the

wrong thing.”

Paul commented that he was “saddened” after reading the piece. So are

we. Mastering spin takes many years and Annita has a long way to go.

She’ll regret this very much in years to come.

A close friend of Paul Keating who shares his enthusiasms tells Crikey

that he “has been depressed ever since the break-up” and “is still

(well, maybe not any more) madly in love with Annita despite seeing

someone else”.

The friend says that Annita won’t even speak to Paul except on business

matters. Now she’s kicked sand in his face through the very same Packer

media empire that tried to destroy Keating’s reputation with the 60

Minutes piggery attack in 1998.

Of course Paul is demanding and a perfectionist but he has never been

less than interesting and lively, although lots of the puff has gone

out of him in recent years,” the puzzled friend told Crikey today.

Can anyone explain why on earth the woman known in some circles as the Ice Queen has chosen this brutal course?

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What the papers said:


Australian had an interesting follow-up repeating the line that Paul Keating

was devastated because he was still besotted with Annita.


News Ltd tabloids also weighed in with Annita professing to be very happy

whilst Paul was calling the police to stop the bothersome hacks from pounding

his intercom.


Farr took a sympathetic line for Paul Keating in The Daily Telegraph,

expressing doubts about what Annita was claiming.

The Age said Don Watson had great trouble dealing with Annita when he was writing Paul Keating’s biography.

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